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Tutorial: Developing a lexical model from a word list

Step 1: Prerequisites for building a lexical model
Step 2: Creating a lexical model project
Step 3: Get some language data
Step 4: Compile the lexical model


In this tutorial, will learn how to create a word list lexical model. If you are not sure what a lexical model is, or why you would make one, read “What is a lexical model?” first, then come back here to follow this tutorial.

Let's begin

Let's get started! Move on to the next topic to begin the first step.

At the bottom of each page in the tutorial, will be a link to the next step. You can use these links to work your way through the tutorial. You may also find links to reference information, which you can select to learn more about a particular aspect of creating Keyman keyboards.

Step 1: Prerequisites for building a lexical model