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Custom Editor Themes

Keyman Developer embeds the Monaco open source text editor. The highlighting and styles for the text editor are customisable with a JSON file configured in the Options dialog. The JSON file must be a valid Monaco theme (passed as second parameter to monaco.editor.defineTheme).


  "base": "vs-dark",
  "inherit": true,
  "rules": [
    { "token": "comment", "foreground": "ffa500", "background": "303030", "fontStyle": "italic underline" },
    { "token": "comment.js", "foreground": "008800", "fontStyle": "bold" },
    { "token": "comment.css", "foreground": "0000ff", "fontStyle": "bold", "inherit": false, "background": "808080" }

Keyman keyboard language tokens

The Keyman keyboard language highlighting uses the following token names:

TokenSource Element
annotationSystem store names
identifierStore and Group names
invalidInvalid code
keywordKeywords such as begin, any
numberDecimal character codes, deprecated, e.g. d65
number.hexUnicode character codes, e.g. U+1234
number.octalCharacter codes expressed in octal
operator+, > and other operators
string.invalidUnterminated strings
string.quote' and " characters
tagVirtual keys