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Using the Banner on the Keyboard - Keyman for Android Help

About the Keyboard Banner

Keyman keyboards now always display a banner above the keyboard for one of the following functionalities:

  • Display suggestions (See "Using the Suggestion Banner" below)
  • Display a Keyman-themed banner so popups and gestures for the top row of keys are visible
  • Reserved for future functionality

Using the Suggestion Banner

If a dictionary is installed and enabled for the active Keyman keyboard, the banner will display suggestions that can be selected.

  • Drag the banner horizontally to see more suggestions
  • Overly-long suggestions are partially hidden, but expand when a finger is held on them
  • Banner displays up to 8 suggestions

The Keyman Themed Banner

When suggestions are disabled or unavailable, the Keyman-themed banner will display instead. This is displayed so popups and gestures for the top row of keys are visible.