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Keyman Configuration - Keyboard Layouts Tab

Enable and Disable a Keyboard

Keyman keyboards can be enabled and disabled. Disabling a Keyman keyboard removes it from the Keyman menu and Keyman Toolbox but does not uninstall the keyboard. This is useful if:

  • You are using a single keyboard layout from a package with multiple keyboards and you want to remove the extra keyboards from the Keyman Toolbox and menu.

  • You have a keyboard layout installed which you aren't currently using but don't want to uninstall.

To disable a Keyman keyboard, untick the corresponding checkbox. To enable a disabled keyboard, tick the checkbox.

Remove Keyboards

Removing a Keyman keyboard package uninstalls and deletes the entire package. Although you can disable individual keyboards (as described above), if an installed package contains more than one keyboard, you cannot remove them individually.

To remove a keyboard package, click the delete button - in the far right of the row with the package name.

Display Keyboard Information

All Keyman keyboard packages contain some basic metadata information, such as the name and version, included fonts, author, and copyright. To display this information, click the information button (i) to the right of the package name.

Display Keyboard Help

Many Keyman keyboard packages contain help files, with instructions for learning to use the keyboard(s) to type special characters. This is especially helpful for keyboards that use multiple key sequences to generate characters, since it is not usually possible to convey this information via an on-screen keyboard showing the individual characters associated with the keys on the physical keyboard. To open a window that will allow you to view the keyboard help, click the help button ? to the right of the package name. (If this button is disabled, it means that no help files were included in the package.)

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