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Step 1: What do we include?

What is the purpose of a package? To make installation of a keyboard, fonts, documentation, and on screen keyboard as straightforward as possible for the end user.

We need to keep this goal in mind as we work on all the aspects of a package.

A good package will:

  1. Collect the keyboard and font files together for simple installation
  2. Include Start Menu items for documentation

A great package will also:

  1. Include a 'readme' visible before install.
  2. Include a 'welcome.htm' file which is displayed after install.
  3. Include an On Screen Keyboard if relevant.
  4. Include documentation on use of the keyboard.

Packages uploaded to the Tavultesoft website will get basic icon ratings reflecting their ease of install/use:

  • includes fonts
  • includes documentation
  • includes on screen keyboards
  • includes welcome.htm

In general, the more icons that a package earns, the easier that end users will find it to start using.

Step 2: Creating Additional Files for the Package