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Install a Keyman keyboard package


km-package-install [-h] [-s] [-f KMPFILE] [-p PACKAGE] [-l LANGTAG] [--version] [-v] [-vv]


Install a Keyman keyboard package, either a local .kmp file or specify a keyboard id to download and install, optionally specifying a language for which to install the keyboard.


.TP ?-h, --help ?show this help message and exit .TP ?-s, --shared ?Install to shared area /usr/local .TP ?-f KMPFILE, --file KMPFILE ?Keyman kmp file .TP ?-p PACKAGE, --package PACKAGE ?Keyman package id .TP ?-l LANGTAG, --bcp47 LANGTAG ?bcp47 language tag .TP ?--version ?show program's version number and exit .TP ?-v, --verbose ?verbose logging .TP ?-vv, --veryverbose ?very verbose logging

Example: km-package-install -s -p sil_el_ethiopian_latin --bcp47 ssy-latn

Tab completion

You may use tab completion to find keyboard packages to install. The list comes from the network so there may be a small delay before tab completion will work the first time you use it. The list of packages is cached for one week.

The list is the full list including keyboards that do not work on Linux, so they won't necessarily install.

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