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KMComp Command Line Compiler

KMComp is the command line compiler included in Keyman Developer. It is located in %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Keyman\Keyman Developer.

The following parameters are available:

Compiler mode

Usage: kmcomp [-s[s]] [-nologo] [-c] [-d] [-w] [-v[s|d]] [-source-path path] [-schema-path path]
              [-m] infile [-m infile] [-t target] [outfile.kmx|outfile.js [error.log]]
              [-add-help-link path]
              [-extract-keyboard-info field[,field...]]

General compiler parameters

A .kmn file (Keyboard Source), .kps file (Package Source), or .kpj (project). Required in compiler mode. If a .kpj is specified, the .kpj will determine output paths and all files referenced in the project will be built (see -t). For validation mode, can be a .keyboard_info file.
Generate an output file for Windows/macOS; can only be specified for a .kmn infile. Optional; if omitted, generates an output file with the same base name as the input file.
Generate an output file for KeymanWeb/touch devices; can only be specified for a .kmn infile. Optional; if omitted for a .kmn input, no JavaScript keyboard will be built.
Write output to a text file specified by error.log instead of stdout.
Mostly silent; don't print information-level messages
Fully silent; don't print anything except fatal internal errors
Don't print the compiler description
Clean target(s) instead of building (only for .kpj)
Include debug information
Treat warnings as errors
-t target
Build only the target file from the project (only for .kpj)
-addhelplink path
path to help file on

JSON .keyboard_info compile targets

Validate infile against source schema
Validate infile against distribution schema
Merge information from infile (can be .kmp and .js) into .keyboard_info output file
Validate the id against the .js, .kmx and .kmp filenames when merging
Print json data .keyboard_info for build script integration.
Specify path to add to the sourcePath field in the .keyboard_info output file
Specify path to the keyboard_info json schema definitions. If not specified, then defaults to same folder as kmcomp.exe