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Keyman Uniscribe Manager

What is the Keyman Uniscribe Manager?

The Keyman Uniscribe Manager provides text display support for additional languages that are not supported by the operating system you are using. It can provide support for all languages supported on Windows Vista, in Windows XP, as well as other languages in the future as needed. The Keyman Uniscribe Manager extends the capabilities of the Windows component called "Uniscribe".

For example, Tibetan text display is not supported by Windows XP. Without the Keyman Uniscribe Manager, Tibetan text will appear as shown in the example on the left. With the Keyman Uniscribe Manager, text will appear correctly, as shown on the right.

Windows XP SP3 without Keyman Uniscribe Manager Windows XP SP3 with Keyman Uniscribe Manager

Keyman will automatically detect when the language you are using needs to have the Keyman Uniscribe Manager switched on, and will enable it for you.

Support for Keyman Uniscribe Manager

If you have any display issues when using the Keyman Uniscribe Manager, please contact Tavultesoft Support for assistance.

Command-line configuration

The Keyman Uniscribe Manager can also be installed and uninstalled from the command line, using the kmuspmgr.exe program. This program is located in [Common Files]\Tavultesoft\Keyman Engine 7.0. kmuspmgr.exe has three options:

  • -c: Check if Keyman Uniscribe Manager is enabled (if it is, then it returns ERRORLEVEL 1)
  • -u: Uninstall the Keyman Uniscribe Manager
  • -i: Install Keyman Uniscribe Manager