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Getting Started with Keyman Desktop

The Getting Started Tutorial Window provides a simple place to learn how to use Keyman Desktop and how to use a keyboard layout for your language. When you are ready, Keyman Desktop can then be used with any Windows application (e.g. Word, Office, e-mail, Excel, Outlook, or your web browser).

This Getting Started Tutorial has a simple three step process:

  1. Click the Keyman Desktop icon in the System Notification Area (or System Tray).
  2. Choose a keyboard layout. If none is yet installed, you can follow the instructions to install a keyboard layout first.
  3. Start typing. The Keyman Desktop tutorial will automatically choose an appropriate font, but some other suggestions will be shown to the right of your screen.

When you have finished the tutorial, select File|Exit, or just click the Close button at the top right of your screen.