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How To - Install Keyman for macOS

Keyman for macOS is available for download as a standard Apple Disk Image (.dmg) file. It should be installed according to the following instructions.

  • Double click the DMG file and drag and drop the Keyman app into the ‘Input Methods’ folder.
  • Add Keyman for macOS as an input source (See Getting Started with Keyman for macOS for more details.)

    • On the Apple menu, click "System Preferences"
    • Click "Keyboard", select the "Input Sources" tab, and then click "+". (This step may differ slightly depending on the OS version.)
    • Select "Multiple Languages", and then select "Keyman" in the right-hand pane to add as an input method.
    • Click the input menu and switch to Keyman. Click the input menu again to see the installed keyboards in Keyman:Keyboards menu. This will show "(None)" at first. You may switch to another keyboard from this menu, once they are installed.
      See How To - Download and Install a Keyman Keyboard
    • Now you can start typing with the selected keyboard in any text editor or application that uses standard macOS input methods.

How To - Updating Keyman for macOS

  • First, logout and login again. This ensures that Keyman is not in use.
  • Then you should be able to drag and update Keyman following the installation steps above


To uninstall Keyman for macOS, follow the steps in Help - Uninstall Keyman for macOS.