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KPS files

Used by:
Keyman Developer.
A .KPS file is a Keyman package source file.
A .KPS file is created using the Package Editor in Keyman Developer. It specifies what files are to be included in the package. It is compiled into a Keyman Package file (.KMP).
Distributed with keyboard:
No. This is a development file and should not be distributed.

File format

The optional <Strings> section of the file can be included to customise the text in the bootstrap installer. The default strings are shown below:

  <String Name="ssFontSize_Dialog" Value="16"/>
  <String Name="ssFontSize_Title" Value="24"/>
  <String Name="ssFontSize_InstallButton" Value="18"/>
  <String Name="ssFontName_Dialog" Value=""/>
  <String Name="ssFontName_Title" Value=""/>
  <String Name="ssFontName_InstallButton" Value=""/>
  <String Name="ssApplicationTitle" Value="Tavulteoft Keyman Desktop Setup"/>
  <String Name="ssTitle" Value="%0:s Setup"/>
  <String Name="ssWelcome_Keyboards" Value="Setup will install %0:s and the following keyboards:"/>
  <String Name="ssWelcome_Plain" Value="Setup will install %0:s"/>
  <String Name="ssCheckForUpdates" Value="Check for &amp;updates online before installing"/>
  <String Name="ssInstallButton" Value="&amp;Install Keyman Desktop"/>
  <String Name="ssExitButton" Value="E&amp;xit"/>
  <String Name="ssPackageMissing" Value="Package %0:s (%1:s) is missing.  Setup can continue but will not install this package."/>
  <String Name="ssErrorDownloadingUpdate" Value="Error %0:d downloading update from server"/>
  <String Name="ssErrorUnableToContactServer" Value="Unable to contact server"/>
  <String Name="ssErrorUnableToContactServerDetailed" Value="Unable to contact server, error was: %0:s"/>
  <String Name="ssStatusCheckingWindowsInstaller" Value="Checking Windows Installer version"/>
  <String Name="ssStatusCheckingInternetExplorer" Value="Checking Internet Explorer version"/>
  <String Name="ssStatusCheckingMSXML" Value="Checking MSXML version"/>
  <String Name="ssStatusCheckingForUpdates" Value="Checking for updates online"/>
  <String Name="ssStatusInstalling" Value="Installing Keyman Desktop"/>
  <String Name="ssStatusInstallingPackage" Value="Installing package %0:s"/>
  <String Name="ssStatusComplete" Value="Installation Complete"/>
  <String Name="ssQueryUpdateWindowsInstaller" Value="An updated version of Windows Installer is required to install Keyman Desktop.  Do you want to download and install it now?"/>
  <String Name="ssQueryUpdateInternetExplorer" Value="Internet Explorer 5.5 or later is required to install Keyman Desktop.  Do you want to download it now?"/>
  <String Name="ssQueryUpdateMSXML" Value="MSXML 3.0 is required to install Keyman Desktop.  Do you want to download it now?"/>
  <String Name="ssQueryUpdateVersion" Value="Version %1:s of Keyman Desktop has been released and is available for download.  This update is %0:dKB.  Do you want to download and install the updated version (recommended)?"/>
  <String Name="ssQueryUpdatePackage" Value="The package %0:s is already installed.  Do you wish to update it now?"/>
  <String Name="ssQueryRestart" Value="You must restart Windows before Setup can complete.  When you restart Windows, Setup will continue.  Restart now?"/>
  <String Name="ssErrorUnableToAutomaticallyRestart" Value="Windows was not able to be automatically restarted.  You should restart Windows before you try and start Keyman."/>
  <String Name="ssRedistIEUpdateRequired" Value="Internet Explorer 5.5 or later is required to install Keyman Desktop."/>
  <String Name="ssMustRestart" Value="You must restart Windows to complete Setup.  When you restart Windows, Setup will finish."/>
  <String Name="ssRedistRequired" Value="A redistributable %0:s is required but is not available in the install path.  This redistributable can be downloaded from the Tavultesoft website."/>