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Step 5: Shortcuts

Click on the Shortcuts tab in the Package Editor.

While it may be a good idea to include Start Menu shortcuts for your package, on recent versions of Windows these are not very visible to end users. This means that you should ensure that all instructions are available through the welcome.htm file as well. The Start Menu shortcuts were designed originally for Windows-based keyboard packages and work slightly differently in macOS.

You should consider adding the following items to the Start Menu:

  • Documentation shortcuts
  • Welcome.htm shortcut

Click New to add a new shortcut to the package. Enter a description for the shortcut, and select the program or file to start from the Program list. Four predefined program entries (Start Product), (Product Configuration), (Product Help) and (About Product) will be translated into the appropriate shortcuts to start Keyman Desktop tasks as described.

Step 6: Compiling, testing and distributing a Package