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Named Constants

Named constants allow you to use a descriptive name for a character, instead of its code. To define a named constant, use store(charname) charcode. When you wish to refer to the code, use either outs(charname) or $charname.

The dollar referencing can only be used with named constants. You cannot use it for stores that have more than one character in them, or for keys or other non-character stores. Named constants are supported for all Unicode characters including BMP and SMP (above plane 0).

Named constants can also be loaded from a file with the &includecodes system store. For instance, the Unicode Character Names can be used by referencing unicodedata.txt. The format of this file is documented in the &includecodes documentation.


store(CCedilla) U+00E7
+ [RALT K_C] > $CCedilla

Version history

Named constants were introduced in Keyman 6.0.

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