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A string is a sequence of characters. Strings can be made up of multiple concatenated substrings. There is no general limit on the length of a string, although Keyman does impose limits on strings in various situations.

The following string formats are available:

Type Description Example
Quoted strings a list of characters, enclosed either by " or ' quote characters. Can use any characters apart from controls. To use quotes in the string, enclose with the other quote type. store(vowels) "aeiou"
+ '"' > 'quote'
Unicode character codes a single character in U+xxxxxx format. Recommended for Unicode. Range U+0020U+10FFFF. + U+0020 > 'space'
Decimal character codes (legacy) a single character, in decimal format. Range d32d1114111. + d32 > 'space'
Hexadecimal character codes (legacy) a single character in hexadecimal format. Range x20x10FFFF. + x20 > 'space'
Octal character codes (legacy) a single character in octal format. Not recommended - included only for historical reasons. Range 404177777. + 40 > 'space'

Strings are concatenated by listing them together, separated by spaces. For example, the following two lines are equivalent:

U+0041 U+0042 d67 d68 "abc" 

Character codes below U+0020 should not be used as their meaning differs between applications. Some legacy keyboards may still use codes such as d13 for carriage return, but this usage is not portable.

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