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Keyman language history

Keyman 3

  • The structure of rules is not backwardly compatible with earlier versions of Keyman. The left hand side of the rule changed from being a sequence of keystrokes to being a context + single keystroke.
  • Stores were introduced.
  • Long line support

Keyman 4

  • The + character became required, and usage became stricter to follow the standard now: the plus character must separate context from keystroke in a rule.
  • Keyboards are now compiled by the developer into .kmx files, rather than being distributed as .kmn files.

Keyman 5

Keyman 6

Keyman 7

Keyman 8

Keyman 9

Keyman 10

  • Changed language tags from ISO 639-3 to BCP 47
  • Deprecated &ethnologuecode store
  • Deprecated &language store
  • Deprecated &windowslanguages store
  • Left and right modifiers and Caps Lock modifier are supported for Virtual Keys in KeymanWeb 10.0 and later
  • Deadkeys now work 100% identically in KeymanWeb 10.0 and Keyman Desktop 10.0, in particular using multiple deadkeys in a row.

Keyman 11

  • &targets store now supports linux
  • .kmn files without BOM are now treated as UTF-8 unless they contain invalid UTF-8 sequences

Keyman 12

  • No language changes.

Keyman 13

  • Virtual keys no longer need to be in quotes for the &hotkey store

Keyman 14

Keyman 15