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The &keyboardversion store documents the version of the keyboard.


store(&keyboardversion) "version"


The version of the keyboard, in a dotted numeric format. For example, 2.0 is a higher version than 1.11, which is a higher version than 1.9.3.


The &keyboardversion store documents the version of the keyboard. Keyman uses this on touch platforms to check for updated versions of the keyboard and update them automatically.

The version string should match as far as possible the package version string, when a keyboard is included in a package.

Note the difference between &keyboardversion, which documents the keyboard version, and &version, which determines which version of Keyman a keyboard will run with.

A keyboard version should be updated whenever there are changes to a keyboard. A good principle to follow is to increment the major version number for a keyboard that has significant new functionality, to increment the minor version number for changes that impact functionality but not in a significant manner, and optionally to use a third number for bug fixes.


Example: Using &keyboardversion

store(&keyboardversion) '1.1.2'


The &keyboardversion store can be used in keyboards on all platforms.

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Version history

The &keyboardversion store was added in Keyman 9.0.

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