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The &bitmap store defines an icon which is used in the user interface to indicate that the keyboard is active.


store(&bitmap) "filename"


The filename, relative to the keyboard source, of the bitmap or icon file to use.


The bitmap can be in two different formats: .bmp or .ico. A .bmp file must be a 16x16 image. Keyman supports .ico files with multiple image sizes, and the appropriate size will be used if available. (For HiDPI screens on Windows, two image sizes is sufficient for up to 300% scaling: 16x16 and 48x48.) The .ico format also supports full alpha transparency.

Specify the full filename, including the file extension, in quotes. If the icon is in a different folder, then use a relative path to reference it.

The older BITMAP and BITMAPS header statements are deprecated and should not be used.

The &bitmap store is not required. A generic keyboard icon will be displayed if no bitmap is specified.


Example: Using &bitmap

store(&bitmap) "keyboard.ico"


The &bitmap store is used on the following platforms. It is ignored on all other platforms.

WindowsmacOSLinuxDesktop webMobile webiOSAndroid

Version history

Keyman 9: Hi DPI support, including .ico files with multiple resolutions.

Keyman 8: Added support for .ico files.

Keyman 7: A generic keyboard icon is displayed if no bitmap is specified for the keyboard.

Keyman 5: Added the &bitmap store, and made optional.

Keyman 4: Added the BITMAP header statement.

Keyman 3: Added the BITMAPS header statement was introduced.