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The beep statement emits a sound or otherwise provides feedback to the user that the key they typed was not permitted.




The beep statement produces a beep with the system speaker when the rule is matched. In Keyman Desktop, beep will produce the sound specified by "Asterisk" in Windows Sounds configuration. In KeymanWeb, beep will flash the current text field instead of producing a sound. Other systems may use alternate forms of feedback, such as vibration. When using the beep statement, remember that it will delete all that was matched on the left side of the rule if you don't precede it with context statement or appropriate characters. The beep statement is only valid in the output.


Example: Using beep

The example given below will, if it receives a key that is in the key group, and the context ends with a cons character, ignore the key and leave the context alone.

any(cons) + any(key) > context beep


The beep statement can be used in keyboards on all platforms. The feedback given may differ depending on the platform.

WindowsmacOSLinuxDesktop webMobile webiOSAndroid

Version history

The beep statement was introduced in Keyman 3.0.

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