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The notany() statement will match any character not in a given store.


notany(storeName) + ... > ...


The name of the store from which a match must be avoided.


The notany() statement will match any character that is not in the store referenced by storeName. The notany() statement is only valid in the context part of a rule. It cannot be used with the index() statement, but can be used with the context statement.

The notany() statement does not match when there is no character at that position in the context (e.g. at the start of a document). To match this, use the nul statement.


Example: Using &notany

notany(punctuation) + any(diacritic) > context(1) index(diacritic,2)


The notany() statement can be used in keyboards on all platforms.

Windows macOS Linux Desktop web Mobile web iOS Android

Version history

Support for notany() together with context() added in KeymanWeb 14.0.

Introduced in version 7.0.

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