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The &kmw_helpfile store specifies an external HTML snippet file that should be embedded into a compiled web or touch keyboard, and displayed in place of the on screen keyboard.


store(&kmw_helpfile) "filename"


The filename of the HTML file to embed, relative to the keyboard file.


The &kmw_helpfile store allows you to specify a HTML file to embed into a Keyman web keyboard for desktop keyboards. This HTML file should not include <head> or <body> tags, as will be a snippet only. On a desktop browser, the contents of this file will replace the On Screen Keyboard. It is mutually exclusive with the &kmw_helptext store.


Example: Using &kmw_helpfile

store(&kmw_helpfile) 'custom-osk.html'


The &kmw_helpfile store will be used in keyboards on desktop web platforms. It is ignored on all other platforms.

WindowsmacOSLinuxDesktop webMobile webiOSAndroid

Version history

The &kmw_helpfile store was added in Keyman 7.0.

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