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The &kmw_embedcss store specifies an external CSS file that should be embedded into a compiled web or touch keyboard and applied on load.


store(&kmw_embedcss) "filename"


The filename of the CSS file to embed, relative to the keyboard file.


The &kmw_embedcss store allows you to specify a CSS file to embed into a Keyman touch or web keyboard. The CSS file will be dynamically injected into the page when the keyboard is loaded or activated, and removed when it is deactivated.

CSS in this stylesheet should be applied carefully. Keyman already dynamically styles keyboards to target devices, so you should take into account different devices and styles. Avoid adjusting box models, sizing or positioning, as these will not translate between different devices.

A good use for a custom stylesheet is to style a specific key or set of keys differently, to differentiate them from the rest of the keyboard. See Class Names and Identifiers for On-Screen Keyboard and Other KeymanWeb Elements for useful class-name and ID structure data useful for creating such a stylesheet.


Example: Using &kmw_embedcss

store(&kmw_embedcss) 'custom-keys.css'


The &kmw_embedcss store will be used in keyboards on web and touch platforms. It is ignored on all other platforms.

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Version history

The &kmw_embedcss store was added in Keyman 9.0.

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