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The &EthnologueCode store specifies the language code a keyboard is designed for, from the ISO 639-3 standard.


store(&Ethnologuecode) "code[ code2 [...]]"


code, code2...
The ISO 639-3 (formerly Ethnologue) codes for which the keyboard is designed.


The optional &EthnologueCode store specifies the language the keyboard is made for by use of an ISO 639-3 three-letter language code. This information is intended for use by third-party applications, and is also used by the compiler to generate metadata for KeymanWeb.

For a list of codes, or more information about Ethnologue, see

Multiple codes can be included by separating them with spaces. You should not include punctuation between codes. However, for legacy reasons, applications that process this store should ignore any punctuation found.

A proposed addition to this field is to add script or country identifiers as needed.

The &EthnologueCode store is deprecated. Keyboard Package metadata should be used instead, which is defined by the BCP 47 language code in the keyboard editor.


Example: Using &ethnologuecode

store(&ethnologuecode) "ice"    c Icelandic


The &ethnologuecode store can be used in keyboards on all platforms.

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Version history

Keyman 10.0: The &Ethnologuecode store was deprecated.

The &Ethnologuecode store was introduced in Keyman 6.0.