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The &name store specifies the name of the keyboard presented in the user interface.


store(&name) "nameText"


The name of the keyboard to be presented to the user.


The &name store lets you give a more descriptive name to your keyboard than just the file name. If &name isn't specified in the keyboard file, Keyman will use the filename of the keyboard, excluding the extension, so the &name statement is optional.

If a name is specified in the keyboard file, care should be taken to ensure that you give it an easily recognisable and unique name. For example, rather than call your keyboard "Dutch", which may confuse users who may have a system Dutch keyboard already installed, you could call your keyboard "Dan's Dutch" or "Double Dutch".

The NAME statement is deprecated, and the &name store should be used instead.


Example: Using &name

store(&name) "Double Dutch"


The &name store can be used in keyboards on all platforms.

Windows macOS Linux Desktop web Mobile web iOS Android

Version history

The &name store was introduced in Keyman 5.0.

The NAME statement was introduced in Keyman 3.0.