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The &version store determines the Keyman version which the keyboard will target.


store(&version) "version"


The version of Keyman to target. This can be 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 or 9.0.


The &version store allows Keyman to easily distinguish what version of Keyman the keyboard was written for and handle it accordingly. The &version store is required. For new keyboards, use 9.0 as the version number.

The keyboard version is used by Keyman Desktop for Windows. Versioning on other platforms generally matches the current 9.0 feature set.

The VERSION statement is deprecated, instead use the &version store.


Example: Using &version

store(&version) '9.0'


The &version store can be used in keyboards on all platforms.

WindowsmacOSLinuxDesktop webMobile webiOSAndroid

Version history

The VERSION statement was introduced in Keyman 3.0.

The &version store was added in Keyman 5.0.

Each subsequent version of Keyman updates the maximum store value accordingly to its major version.

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