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Getting Started

Keyman for Android

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Keyman for Android lets you type in over 600 languages on Android mobiles and tablets. To get started, here are some helpful hints:

Keyboard Keys
(Keyboard Present)
Select another language/keyboard
Hide the keyboard
Shift key. Long press this key to access the CTRL, ALT and CTRL ALT keys (which can access additional key layers)
Keys with a small dot in the top right corner indicate a long press key. Access further functionality by long pressing the key
Toolbar Icons
Share your text via Mail, Text, or Twitter
Open the Keyman Browser to use the web in your language
Open the menu for additional options
Adjust the font size
Delete all current text
Load this help page
Open the initial setup screen
Open the Keyman Settings screen
Update available to download for keyboard / dictionary

Accessing Keyboard Help

Step 1) Open the keyboard list by touching the globe key.

Step 2) Touch the info icon for your keyboard.

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Integrate Keyman with your App or Website

If you are interested in learning how Keyman can be integrated into your own app or website, visit

Further Help

For more information on Keyman, visit

For more information on Keyman for Android, visit