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keyMatch (KKM)


Keystroke matching: Returns true if the event matches the rule's shift mask and key code.


keyman.interface.keyMatch(e, shiftCode, keyCode);


KeymanWeb.KKM(e, shiftCode, keyCode); // Shorthand


Type: Object
A keystroke-related event object to match.
Type: number
The shift-state code the event object should match.
Type: number
The key code the event object should match.

Return Value

true if the keystroke matches the desired values, otherwise false.


This is a core element of keyboard input management within KeymanWeb, typically called automatically during keystroke processing events. For comparison with Developer 'rules' from keyboard source code, in the rule

"a" + "'" > "รก"

a keyboard would check that the triggering keystroke ("'") matches by using

keyman.interface.keyMatch(e, 0, 39)

from within a raised keystroke event with object e, which checks that the keystroke represented by e is unshifted and matches the underlying keycode value for "'", which is 39 in ASCII and Unicode.

As keyman.interface.keyMatch() receives an event object as one of its parameters, it does not need a direct link to the element receiving input.

See also

keyman.interface.contextMatch(), keyman.interface.stateMatch()