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Output Functions - the Keyboard API

The KeymanWeb core object window.keyman.interface (with legacy-oriented, deprecated alias KeymanWeb) exposes a number of functions for low-level processing of input, context and output. These functions are designed for use by keyboards compiled through Keyman Developer in order to facilitate input text processing and will also work for custom-coded KeymanWeb keyboards. As such, most of these functions should only be called by keyboard code, and a good understanding of the Keyman Keyboard Language will prove extremely beneficial toward understanding the keyboard API functions enumerated in this section.

Custom user interfaces would not normally use these functions, but they are described here as some custom keyboards, such as IME-style keyboards, may need to interact with the user interface.

any Function (Deprecated)
Returns whether or not the char ch is found within the any(store) string, setting an internally-tracked index for use in the indexOutput function.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KA
beep Function
Flash body or element as substitute for an audible feedback beep.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KB
beepReset Function
Cancels a previous feedback beep operation on a page element.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KBR
context Function (Deprecated)
Gets context for an ongoing keyboard operation relative to the caret's present position.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KC
contextMatch Function (Deprecated)
Context matching: Returns true if the specified context call matches a provided string.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KCM
deadkeyMatch Function (Deprecated)
Deadkey matching: Seeks to match the deadkey state dk at the relative caret position n.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KDM
deadkeyOutput Function
Deadkey output: Associates the deadkey state dk with the element at the current caret position, after overwriting nd characters.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KDO
deleteContext Function
Context deletion - removes the specified number of deadkeys and characters from the left of the caret.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KDC
fullContextMatch Function
Context matching: Returns true if the current context matches the specified rule context specification.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KFCM
ifStore Function
ifStore compares the content of a system store with a string value.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KIFS
indexOutput Function
Index-based output: Outputs a mapped character according to a previous selection from a keyman.interface.any() call upon a store string, after deleting nd characters.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KIO
insertText Function
Inserts a text string and optional deadkey into the active output element.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KT
isKeypress Function
Returns true if the input event corresponds to a keypress event resulting in character output.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KIK
keyInformation Function
Returns an object with extended information about a specified keystroke event.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KKI
keyMatch Function
Keystroke matching: Returns true if the event matches the rule's shift mask and key code.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KKM
loadStore Function
Load an option store value from a cookie or default value if no prior stored value exists.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KLOAD
nul Function
nul context check: Returns true if the length of the context is less than or equal to n characters.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KN
output Function
Outputs the specified string to an element, overwriting characters before the caret if specified.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KO
registerKeyboard Function
Register the keyboard stub and load the keyboard.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KR
registerStub Function
Register the keyboard stub, return true if already registered.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KRS
saveFocus Function
Save focus: Temporarily saves keyboard processing data for the currently-focused control.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KSF
saveStore Function
Save an option store value to a cookie for the active keyboard.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KSAVE
setStore Function
setStore sets the value of a system store to a string.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KSETS
stateMatch Function
State-key matching: Returns true if the event matches the rule's state-key requirements.
Shorthand name: KeymanWeb.KSM