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On-Screen Keyboard Module

The On-Screen Keyboard module is exposed to the developer as window.keyman.osk.

addEventListener Function
Adds an event listener for user-handling of On-Screen keyboard events.
getRect Function
Get absolute position and size of OSK window.
setRect Function
Set absolute position and size of desktop OSK window.
setPos Function
Set absolute position and size of desktop OSK window, limited to screen.
hide Function
Hide the OSK.
isEnabled Function
Return the user-defined OSK visibility as set by prior calls to show or hide.
isVisible Function
Return the actual visibility of the On-Screen Keyboard.
removeEventListener Function
Removes a user-defined event handler.
restorePosition Function
Move OSK back to default position, floating under active input element.
show Function
Display, hide or toggle OSK visibility.
userLocated Function
Determine whether or not the OSK has been moved from its default position by the user.
Class Names and Identifiers for On-Screen Keyboard and Other KeymanWeb Elements
The appearance of the KeymanWeb on-screen keyboard, menu amd other elements can be customized by a web designer by redefining (or adding to) the default styles.