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addKeyboardsForLanguage function


Add default or all keyboards for a given language to KeymanWeb.


keyman.addKeyboardsForLanguage(spec[, spec...])



Type: string

Language name string. Appending $ to the language name will cause all available keyboards for that language to be loaded rather than the default keyboard.

Return Value

Promise: A JavaScript Promise fulfilled upon adding keyboards.

The promise is an array containing the following:

  • successfully registered keyboard objects which define some or all of these properties


The language spec is a string. Multiple language specs can also be specified in a single call, which can reduce the round-trip cost of multiple calls to Keyman Cloud servers (when using Keyman Cloud).

The first call to addKeyboardsForLanguage() makes an additional call to the Keyman API to load the current list of keyboard/language associations. This determines the default keyboards that are added for the language.

For general information and example uses of this method, please see the Adding Keyboards page from the guide section.

Using a string

For the given language specs, the Keyman Cloud is used to source the keyboard file.