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Core Module

The KeymanWeb core module is exposed to the developer as window.keyman.

build Property

The release build of KeymanWeb.

version Property

The version of KeymanWeb.

initialized Property

Keymanweb core module initialization state.

activatingUI Function

Set an internal flag to notify KeymanWeb of change in UI activation state.

addEventListener Function

Adds an event listener for user-handling of keymanweb events.

addHotKey Function

Add hot key handler to array of document-level hotkeys triggered by key-up event.

addKeyboards Function

Adds keyboards to keymanweb.

addKeyboardsForLanguage Function

Adds default or all keyboards for a given language to keymanweb.

alignInputs Function

Deprecated. Adjusts touch-mode element overlays, realigning them over their base elements.

attachToControl Function

Attach KeymanWeb to HTML element (or IFrame).

BuildVisualKeyboard Function

Create a copy of the OSK for embedding in documentation or help page.

detachFromControl Function

Detach KeymanWeb from HTML element (or IFrame).

disableControl Function

Disables KeymanWeb input handling for the specified control.

enableControl Function

Enables KeymanWeb input handling for the specified control.

focusLastActiveElement Function

Restore the focus to the element active before input was moved to KeymanWeb.

getActiveKeyboard Function

Get the ID (internal name) of the currently active keyboard.

getActiveLanguage Function

Get the language code for the currently selected language.

getKeyboard Function

Get keyboard meta data for the selected keyboard and language.

getKeyboardForControl Function

Obtain the keyboard set for a specific control, if it exists.

getKeyboards Function

Get details of currently installed keyboards.

getLastActiveElement Function

Return the last element activated before input was moved to KeymanWeb.

getSavedKeyboard Function

Get the (internal) keyboard name and language code of the most recently active keyboard.

getUIState Function

Get the KeymanWeb user interface activation state.

init Function

Sets license key, selects user interface, and other KeymanWeb Options.

isChiral Function

Test if a given keyboard recognizes chiral modifier data, such as left-control vs right-control.

isCJK Function

Test if a given keyboard or keyboard stub (or the current keyboard) is for Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.

moveToElement Function

Move input focus to user specified element.

removeEventListener Function

Removes a user-defined event handler.

removeHotKey Function

Remove hotkey handler from document's list of hotkey handlers.

removeKeyboards Function

Removes keyboards (by ID) from KeymanWeb.

resetContext Function

Revert OSK to default layer and clear any deadkeys and modifiers

setActiveKeyboard Function

Change the currently active keyboard.

setKeyboardForControl Function

Associate control with independent keyboard settings initialized to a specific keyboard.