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LDML Keyboard Debug Window

The LDML keyboard debug window is shown at the bottom of an LDML keyboard editor when testing the keyboard. In version 17.0, the LDML keyboard debug window is a simple test window, without support for interactive debugging, unlike the Keyman keyboard debug window.

Debugger input window

Debug window - Debug State

The debugger input window is used for typing input to test the keyboard. In the top half of this window, input you type while testing your keyboard will be displayed, exactly the same as in use, with one exception: deadkeys will be shown visually with an OBJ symbol.

The lower half of the window shows a grid of the characters to the virtual left of the insertion point, or the selected characters if you make a selection. Markers will be identified in the grid, but only by numeric value in version 17.0. The grid will show characters in right-to-left scripts in backing store order, from left to right. If there are more characters in your text than can fit on the screen, then only those that fit will be shown in the grid.