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Attach KeymanWeb to HTML element (or IFrame).




Type: Element
Element to which KeymanWeb will be attached.

Return Value



There are two steps involved in enabling input handling with KeymanWeb for any given control: attachment and enablement. The attachment process validates a control's compatibility with KeymanWeb and establishes special metadata within the system. This data is released if the control is ever detached. The control will not receive special input handling until the control is enabled within KeymanWeb.

If attachToControl() is called on an element with the 'kmw-disabled' class property, it will only establish KeymanWeb's metadata for the control and initialize the control in a disabled state. A later call to enableControl() may be used to initialize input handling for it. Otherwise, the control will be both attached and enabled.

When the initialization property attachType is set to 'auto', this function is called automatically for every control on the page, even those dynamically added. However, when attachType is set to 'manual', attachToControl must be explicitly called for each control in need of KeymanWeb's input handling.

See also keyman.detachFromControl(), keyman.enableControl()