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Package Files

Package files contain a single keyboard, along with readme files, fonts and any other files you wish to include. We recommend creating a package file to bundle your keyboard with fonts andhelp into a simple, single file that is easy for an end-user to install.

Keyman can install package files, including installing fonts, creating Start Menu shortcuts, andadding appropriate registry entries for uninstallation.

Internally, as well as your own files, the package file will contain a file "kmp.inf", which liststhe details Keyman needs to install the package. The package file is a PKZIP-compatible archive, andif you have any archiving tools installed, you should be able to right-click on a .kmp package andclick "Open With WinZip" or similar entry.

The context menu for a package file has three extra entries: "View" (which lets you view a package without it being installed), "Install", and "Open With WinZip" or similar.

See Creating Packages for more information.