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The getSpacebarText() method returns the current text display pattern for the spacebar.


KMManager.SpacebarText KMManager.getSpacebarText()


The current text display pattern for the spacebar, one of:

  • LANGUAGE - the language name for the keyboard
  • KEYBOARD - the keyboard name
  • LANGUAGE_KEYBOARD - both the language name and the keyboard name, separated by hyphen
  • BLANK - no text to be displayed


The default text display pattern is LANGUAGE_KEYBOARD. The text shown on the keyboard may be overridden on a per-keyboard basis with the displayName parameter of the setKeyboard() function.

Example: Using getSpacebarText()

The following script illustrates the use of getSpacebarText():

// get the current spacebar text mode
KMManager.SpacebarText mode = KMManager.getSpacebarText();

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