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How To - Find the Best Fonts for a Keyman Keyboard

Many Keyman keyboards type out letters that need special fonts. Without the right font, these letters may turn into square boxes or become unreadable. You can find the best fonts for your Keyman keyboard by using the Font Helper tool in the Keyman Toolbox. Here's how:

  1. Open the Font Helper tool, from the Keyman menu in the Windows taskbar.

  2. Turn on a Keyman keyboard. You can turn on a Keyman keyboard from the Keyman menu, the Keyman Toolbox, or with a keyboard hotkey.

You will now see a list of all the fonts on your computer which have some support for your active Keyman keyboard. You will also see a percentage beside each font. The percentage represents the number of letters in your keyboard which the font supports. A font does not have to be 100% to work well for your keyboard, but higher percentages are better. You will also see a chart in the Font Helper, showing exactly which letters and symbols from your keyboard are supported by each font.


The Font Helper tool is designed to tell you which fonts support the letters and characters in your language. It is not intended to show you which fonts will look the nicest for your language or text. You can use the Font Helper tool to see how different fonts display the individuals letters and characters in your language. You should test the fonts in your text to see which fonts look the best for your entire text.

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