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How To - Unbundle Keyman Keyboards From Keyman 6.2 or Earlier

If you have received a Keyman keyboard bundled with Keyman 6.2 or an earlier version of Keyman, you can follow the steps below to unbundle the Keyman keyboard and use it in Keyman Desktop.

Unbundling a keyboard layout from a Keyman 5 or Keyman 6 bundled installer

  1. Start the bundled installer.

  2. From the initial setup screen, click About and leave the installer open on this screen.

  3. Open the Windows Start menu, click Run, type %temp%, and press enter.

  4. In the Explorer window which opens, look for a folder with a name that begins with the letters kmt and ends with a few random letters and numbers. Open that folder.

  5. In that folder you will find one or more .kmp files. Copy the .kmp file(s) to another folder on your computer.

  6. Return to the Keyman 6 bundled installer and exit it.

You will now have a copy of your desired Keyman keyboard layout without having to install Keyman 6. You can delete the bundled installer package.

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