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What's New

Here are some of the great things we have added to Keyman Desktop 8.0.

  • 64-bit Support — Run Keyman Desktop in 64-bit Windows operating systems and applications.
  • Language Switcher — Access all your Keyman keyboards, Windows languages and Windows keyboards in one pop-up menu with a single hotkey (by default Alt+LeftShift).
  • Universal Language Switching — Switch keyboards once to use the same Keyman keyboard across all applications.
  • Keyboard Options — Keyboards for Keyman Desktop 8 can come with options which let you type as you prefer. Options allow you to do things like type French accents before or after the vowel, type Lao with or without spaces, or type Tigrigna with Ethipian or Eritrean punctiaton.
  • Enhanced UI — The Keyman interface has been redesigned, from much simpler setup to cleaner, more polished menus and dialogs.
  • Enhanced Keyman Menu — Access any tool in the Keyman Toolbox directly from the menu.
  • Enhanced On Screen Keyboard — The OSK better mimics your hardware keyboard, matching both the language and layout.
  • Enhanced Font Helper — Now see exactly which keyboard characters your fonts support.
  • Enhanced Character Map — Support for Planes 1-15 of the Unicode Standard has been greatly improved, as has filtering and search. For example, search now with instant feedback by part or all of character code point or name.
  • Support for Unicode 5.2 & 6.0 — Type in everything from Egyptian to Emoji.
  • Improved Application Compatibility — The keystroke processor in Keyman Desktop has been made more compatible with major applications such as OpenOffice, Microsoft Office and popular web browsers.
  • Single Installer — Both Keyman Desktop Light & Keyman Desktop Professional now install from the same file, which there's no longer any need to worry about downloading the wrong edition.

New from Keyman Desktop 7.0

  • The Keyman Character Map — Enables instant input of any Unicode character into the active application. Characters can be searched by name, number, block, font, and more.
  • The Keyman Font Helper — Lists all currently-installed fonts which work with the active Keyman keyboard.
  • The Keyman Usage View — Includes keyboard-specific help, especially useful for layouts with no On Screen Keyboard.
  • The Keyman Text Editor with Getting Started Tutorial — Teaches new users how to start using Keyman Desktop.
  • Tips & Hints — Assist new users throughout the program.
  • Improved Language Linking — Say goodbye to the Language Bar, Keyman Desktop now handles language switching in addition to switching Keyman keyboards.
  • Enhanced Keyman Toolbox — Resizable, supports non-Latin Windows keyboards, and improved font-linking.
  • Localisable Keyman Menus — Translate the Keyman Desktop user interface into any language.
  • Modern COM API — Control all aspects of Keyman Desktop from Windows Scripting, Visual Basic for Applications, or your application!
  • Windows Installer (.msi) — Permits straightforward deployment of Keyman Desktop.

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