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Here are some of the great things we have added to Keyman Desktop 9.0.

  • Free Edition – Keyman Desktop now has a Free Edition with no restrictions on use – use it in your office, your home, your school. Upgrade to Pro for powerful features, additional keyboards, and personalized technical support.
  • Rewritten for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Now integrates deeply into Windows Text Services Framework and presents as a keyboard through all Windows language interfaces. This means that keyboard input support is more consistent and more efficient in all applications.
  • Behind the scenes, Keyman is now fully Unicode internally.
  • User interface extensively redesigned, cleaned up and simplified.
  • Keyboards now support hi-res icons for clean presentation on large screens.
  • Keyboards now have more version information and online help integration.
  • Keyman now supports iPhone, iPad and Android – all your favourite keyboard layouts available on your phone and tablet devices

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