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Keyman Desktop 9.0 Release Notes

Keyman Desktop 9.0.523.0

  • Keyboard hotkey toggles are not working in 9.0 (I5086)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.522.0

  • Improve compatibility with Firefox 42 and Internet Explorer 11 (I4933)
  • Fix hang when closing Keyman if Windows compatibility flag is incorrectly set (I5018)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.521.0

  • Updated digital certificate for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 (I4978)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.519.0

  • Keyboard options do not work always work correctly because they are set twice while processing (I4978)
  • Update requirements in Help for Windows 10 (I4984)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.518.0

  • OEM products now have a cleaner menu display with indented keyboards and languages (I4920)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.516.0

  • Added: Note on why "Select keyboard layout for all applications" is disabled on Win 8.1+ (I4871)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.514.0

  • Fixed: Inconsistent display of panels through Desktop (I4851)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.513.0

  • Fixed: Keyman Desktop title in OSK has wrong grey background (I4849)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.512.0

  • Fixed: If no baselayout is specified by the user, default to en-US (kbdus.dll) (I4786)
  • Fixed: Shift keys would sometimes 'stick' in Mozilla Firefox (I4793)
  • Fixed: Log reported modifier state as well as Keyman current modifier state in debug logs (I4843)
  • Fixed: FileMakerPro 14 causes crash in Keyman Engine (I4846)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.510.0

  • Keyman needs to rebuild its language profiles if they are inadvertently deleted (I4773)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.507.0

  • Keyman loses focus sometimes when switching keyboards using the menu (I4731)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.506.0

  • Language profile change notification while Keyman menu is visible sometimes causes a crash (I4715, I4683, I4591, I4577, I4541, I4472, I4431)
  • Improve reporting on registry errors (I4565, I4657)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.503.0

  • MSKLC keyboards do not get correct name in Configuration Hotkeys tab (I4712)
  • MSKLC keyboards are not shown in the Keyman menu (I4713)
  • Keyboard and language hotkeys don't always work (I4714)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.494.0

  • Fixed hotkeys not always working consistently (I4674)
  • Fixed read of invalid registry setting on some computers (I4660)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.493.0

  • Add more detailed keyboard diagnostics (I4659)
  • Add Keep in Touch screen (I4658)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.492.0

  • On Screen keyboard translates keys wrongly for European keyboards (I4650)
  • Mnemonic layout recompiler maps AltGr+# rather than \ on UK layouts (I4651)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.491.0

  • Add logging for registration of keyboards for hotkey matching (I4648)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.490.0

  • Add 'Enter License Key' link to splash screen (I4645)
  • Fix crash on startup on some computers with multiple Keyman products installed (I4624, I4519, I4602, I4640, I4633, I4636, I4637, I4638, I4639)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.489.0

  • Backspace key was not working in Logos (I4642)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.488.0

  • Keyman could crash silently on exit due to null hotkeys being addressed (I4623)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.487.0

  • .kmx installs upgraded from earlier versions were placed in the wrong folder (I4623)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.485.0

  • keymanimport.log was generated incorrectly as unicode strings in an ansi file (I4617)
  • Keyman crashed when trying to recompile a missing mnemonic layout (I4615)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.484.0

No changes.

Keyman Desktop 9.0.483.0

  • Support install of keyboard against fallback locales (I4607)
  • Support single keyboard buttons on OSK toolbar for OEM products (I4606)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.482.0

  • Keyman installer did not show EULA when bundled with a keyboard (I4598)
  • Keyman Configuration enabled keyboards when OK clicked even if Keyman not running (I4382)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.481.0

  • If a computer does not have US keyboard installed, then AltGr rules can go wrong (I4592)
  • The keyboard usage page can appear outside the OSK in some situations (I4593)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.480.0

  • Spacebar results in incorrect output for subsequent letters on some keyboards (I4585)
  • If Ctrl+Alt simulates RAlt is on, then Ctrl+Alt rules don't work at all (I4551, I4583)
  • Add option to treat base keyboard deadkey as plain keys (I4552)
  • Switch for all languages not disabled on Win8 upgrades (I4576)
  • Support if(&baselayout) with all of the ISO names (I4588)
  • Keyman fails to install shortcuts for keyboard documentation correctly (I4590)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.479.0

  • Solution for output of Enter and Tab keys for some keyboards (I4575)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.478.0

  • Solution for output of Enter and Tab keys for some keyboards (I4575)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.477.0

  • Test solution for output of Enter and Tab keys for some keyboards (I4562)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.476.0

  • Hotkey switching resulted in stuck Ctrl,Alt,Shift keys in some apps (I4511)
  • On Win 8, Keyman keyboards appear as "Unavailable Input Method" in Control Panel - mitigation only, not fixed (I4531)
  • Fixed: when Alt is down, release of Ctrl, Shift is not detectable within Keyman in some languages (I4548)
  • Mnemonic layout recompiler did not translate Lctrl Ralt for deadkeys correctly (I4549)
  • Logical flaw in mnemonic layout recompiler meant that AltGr base keys were never processed (I4550)
  • Upgrade to 476 or later requires recompile of all mnemonic layouts (I4553)
  • Keyboards without an icon must specify a default icon when registering to prevent control panel crashing (I4555)
  • Attached files were not shown when loading diag files (I4559)
  • Binary data in diagnostics was not streamed correctly (I4560)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.475.0

  • Language hotkeys associated with non-primary keyboards do not trigger language change (I4516)
  • Switch for all apps is not disabled in Win 8 (I4515)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.474.0

  • Crash when saving OSK to file, changing keyboard midstream [CrashID:keyman.exe_9.0.473.0_2C59B75E_EAccessViolation] (I4487)
  • The character map is not falling back to system fonts well when Code2000 missing (I4488)
  • Crash calling TSF [CrashID:kmshell.exe_9.0.473.0_2C45D42D_EOleSysError] (I4494)
  • Damaged package causes crash when trying to uninstall [CrashID:kmshell.exe_9.0.473.0_2C6B80C4_EOleException] (I4495)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.473.0

  • Verify that Internet Explorer 9.0 or later is present at install time (I4470)
  • Fix crash showing keyboard menu when product details are missing (I4458)
  • Fix crash when menu popup is dynamically resized by system (I4429)
  • Setup bootstrapper now handles upgrade scenarios with a prompt (I4460)
  • Upgrade dialog showed wrong version of Keyman Desktop (I4445)
  • Keyman Desktop Update dialog showed broken Tavultesoft image (I4456)
  • API fix: Keyman had a mismatch between KEYBOARDINFO and INTKEYBOARDINFO (I4462)
  • API fix: Keyman_BuildKeyboardList was including keyboards installed but with no profiles (I4461)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.472.0

  • Chinese keyboard was not working correctly (I4452)
  • Language hotkeys were not working (I4451)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.471.0

  • Browser emulation control for kmshell breaks downlevel versions of Keyman (I4436)
  • Crash if Keyman Engine 7 or 8-based product installed when starting Keyman Desktop 9 (I4421)
  • Show Send to Tavultesoft button in Diagnostics (I4439)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.470.0

  • Download Keyboard dialog had broken link (I4419)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.469.0

  • Download Keyboard dialog does not display correctly (I4414)
  • OSK does not show underlying characters if base keyboard is not loaded (I4415)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.467.0

  • Character Map needs to insert characters using SendInput (I4412)
  • Manual Activate dialog is misformatted (I4408)
  • Add HKCU FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION 9000 for kmshell.exe (I4400)
  • Character map allows Ctrl+Click to insert character (I4411)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.466.0 (beta release)

  • OK and Cancel buttons are no longer missing on Proxy dialog (I4387)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.465.0 (beta release)

  • Added HKCU FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION 9000 for kmshell.exe (I4400)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.464.0 (beta release)

  • Added clean user interface selection for associated language in Free Edition (I4395)
  • Keyman Desktop Free Edition polish (I4393)
  • When configuration run from Splash and license key entered, splash didn't refresh (I4396)
  • Get Started got impatient and showed nag too quickly on start (I4397)
  • Hotkeys didn't show on keyboard list (I4398)
  • HTTP download now reports progress more cleanly (I4399)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.463.0 (beta release)

  • Initial Free Edition changes (I4390)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.462.0 (beta release)

  • Unticked keyboards in Keyman Configuration are not now shown in Windows Languages (I4376)
  • Keyman keyboards are no longer visible in Windows Languages when Keyman is not running (I4381)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.461.0 (beta release)

  • Rapid typing in legacy mode no longer breaks (regression from 9.0.460.0) (I4378)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.460.0 (beta release)

  • Icon size in tool tray is now correct when using large fonts (I4314)
  • Keyboard Upgrade from 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 now supports keyboards installed for Current User, fonts and Start Menu entries (I4324)
  • When On Screen Keyboard opens, if Keyman is off then icon now shows correctly (I4360)
  • On Screen Keyboard now always shows correct base layout when keyboard active (I4363)
  • Installer now enforces Windows 7 or later (I4366)
  • Deadkeys are now working with Microsoft Word in TSF-aware mode (I4370)
  • WOW64 is now tested consistently in all locations (I4374)
  • Add registry flag 'deep tsf integration' to allow us to disable enhanced integration with TSF-aware applications (I4375)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.459.0 (beta release)

  • Deadkeys are now working correctly in all cases in Wordpad and other TSF-aware applications (except Word) (I4278)
  • All .ico formats do not load correctly in icon conversion for keyboard layouts (I4317)
  • Alt+LeftShift hotkey is now set on clean install (I4318)
  • If Keyman is not running, selecting a Keyman layout in Windows will no longer have any effect (I4325)
  • Keyboard and interface hotkeys are now working (I4326)
  • Deadkeys are now working correctly with mnemonic layouts (I4353, I4327)
  • AltGr keys are now working correctly in enhanced integration mode (I4351)
  • If splash screen is minimized, it can now be restored (I4356)
  • Splash screen buy links now go to correct version of Keyman (I4357)
  • COM registration updated for new interfaces in Keyman 9 (I4358)
  • OSK now shows correct base keyboard and refreshes when switching languages (I4359)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.458.0 (beta release)

  • Getting Started window gave instructions that were not valid for KM9 (I3674)
  • Script error dialog was appearing behind splash dialog (regression from I3710) (I3730)
  • Balloon tip and About page had wrong product version (I4311)
  • Keyboard icons are now converted to 32BPP RGBA on install for Windows 8 compatibility (I4316)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.457.0 (beta release)

  • Fixed: Keys that have rules but are not matched due to context did not generate output (I4290)
  • Fixed: Additional minor bug fixes (I4302)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.456.0 (beta release)

  • Fixed: Crash in Keyman Configuration (I4296)
  • Fixed: Upgrade of keyboards failed to register in local machine context (I4297)
  • Fixed: Old TSF addin remained registered when upgrading (I4298)
  • Fixed: Keyman-installed Windows languages needed to be removed when upgrading (I4299)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.455.0 (beta release)

  • Added: Support for upgrading configuration and keyboards from 8.0 to 9.0 (I4292, I4293)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.454.0 (beta release)

  • Fixed: Switch from Keyman to Keyman keyboard caused loop in global language switch (I4277)
  • Fixed: Keyboard switching and legacy support edge case scenarios (I4285, I4286, I4287, I4288)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.453.0 (beta release)

  • Fixed: Shift states were not being preserved correctly (I3605)
  • Fixed: Opening User Interface Language menu causes crash [CrashID:kmshell.exe_9.0.447.0_script_TfrmMain_0] (I4199)
  • Fixed: Deadkeys only work in first 61 characters of document (I4266)
  • Fixed: If Keyboard usage refreshes during exit, Keyman crashes [CrashID:keyman.exe_9.0.452.0_2C5FB0CD_EAccessViolation] (I4268)
  • Fixed: Switch language for all applications is not working (I4271)
  • Fixed: TIP only outputs first 127 characters of a rule result (I4272)
  • Fixed: kmtip does not work if already active before KM starts (I4274)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.452.0 (beta release)

  • Fixed: Keyman installed keyboards do not seem to appear in Windows Language control panel in Win 8 (I4202)
  • Fixed: Icons do not show background correctly in lang switch window and Win 8 languages controls (also I4316) (I4204)
  • Fixed: Crash in Keyman Configuration [kmshell.exe_9.0.451.0_script_TfrmMain_0] (I4251)
  • Fixed: kmtip install does not register Win 8 support features (I4252)
  • Fixed: TSF deadkeys do not function correctly (I4262)
  • Fixed: Test for text editor running fails (I4265)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.451.0 (beta release)

  • Fixed: Keyman Configuration crashed on first run due to koKeymanUniscribeManager reference (I4250)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.450.0 (beta release)

  • Fixed: If kmtip CKMTipTextService::Activate fails, cleanup (I3706)
  • Minor: Refactor kmxfile utility functions (I3757)
  • Added: Removed all legacy keyboard management Win32 API calls and use only TSF (I4220)
  • Fixed: Crash when OSK closed/reopened without dismissing hint window [CrashID:keyman.exe_9.0.449.0_2C405C5D_EInvalidPointer] (I4242)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.449.0 (beta release)

  • Opening font helper or keyboard usage from Keyman menu on Win 8 still shows HTML outside window (I4225)
  • Excmagic.debug left scattered around program file directories after uninstall (I4218)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.448.0 (beta release)

  • Shift + Arrows do not select text (only move caret) in Win 8 when Keyman keyboard is active (I4201)
  • Keyman TIP should use ITfTextInputProcessorEx (I4216)
  • Keyman leaks an Internet Explorer window handle (I4214)
  • Help dialog appears below OSK and is inaccessible (I4209)
  • Font helper and Keyboard usage appear outside frame in Win 8 (I4208)
  • Shift states still not working with unprocessed keys in V9 (I4128)
  • Activate/Purchase dialogs are incomplete and the Buy Modules button doesn't work (I4090)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.447.0 (beta release)

  • Exit Keyman hint appears to be blank on Win8? (I4187)
  • Pressing Enter in install keyboard dialog gives error about admin req (I4172)
  • Help Contents link does not work from Keyman menu (I3993)
  • Help window Help and Help on Keyboard links don't work (I3676)
  • Base Keyboard dialog has wrong style of buttons (I4184)
  • Use TTempFileManager for all temporary files (I4195)
  • Lang switch window shows wrong selection with Alt+LeftShift when TIP is active (I4191)
  • keyman.exe seems to be missing icon (I3769)
  • Lang switch window shifts on first view (I4190)
  • wm_kmmoreposting must be refactored for TIP work as it is not sequential (I4196)
  • Avoid interactions with full-screen RDP (I4197)
  • mcompile logs should be stored in diag folder (I4174)
  • Uninstalling a keyboard leaves the mnemonic recompiled layouts behind (I4173)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.446.0 (beta release)

  • Keyman Engine installer does not include mcompile.exe (I4171)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.445.0 (beta release)

  • Mnemonic layouts should be recompiled to positional based on user-selected base keyboard (I4169)
  • Console execute in utilexecute.pas needs a temp copy of buffer to avoid write access violations (I4170)
  • Shift states still not working with unprocessed keys in V9 (I4128)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.444.0 (beta release)

  • Keyman Desktop installer does not install x64 TIP (I4161)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.443.0 (beta release)

Keyman Desktop 9.0.442.0 (beta release)

  • Add keyboard version information to Keyman Configuration (Tweak) (I4136)

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