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Keyman Desktop 8.0 Release Notes

Keyman Desktop 8.0.358.0

  • 'Turn on Surrogates' is only relevant for Windows XP and older and can cause errors on Win7+ (I4018)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.356.0

  • Keyman installer license agreement comes up blank (I3936)
  • Keyman Desktop Support page shows wrong Engine version (I3911)
  • Keyman Desktop check language environment blocks install if "remind me later" ticked (I4007)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.355.0

  • Keyman Developer: Command line compiler needs to support login (I3904)
  • Keyman Developer: Handle exceptions and missing files without crashing when compiling products (I3905)
  • Keyman Desktop: Font helper reports less than 100% when space or control characters are involved (I3906)
  • Keyman Developer: Compiler does not annotate stores correctly when compiling (I3907)
  • Keyman Desktop: Select keyboard cache can corrupt when switching keyboard off (I3908)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.354.0

  • Keyman Developer compiler had incorrect version information, meaning it would not upgrade (I3634)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.353.0 (beta release)

  • Font helper can crash when WM_FONTCHANGE received (I3390)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.352.0 (beta release)

  • Keyman Engine will sometimes fail to load more than 2 keyboards for a process that starts a custom OEM product (Keyman Engine, I3385)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.351.0 (beta release)

  • Keyman Developer (and Desktop) sometimes reboot without prompting when upgrading (Setup, I3355)
  • Custom registry setting information should be documented in .kpp file type help (Keyman Developer - Help, I3360)
  • Media keys generate characters when positional keyboard is active (Keyman Engine, I3358)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.350.0 (general release)

  • Alt combinations can wrongly trigger menus in some applications, due to bug in fix for I3250 (Keyman Engine, I3301)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.349.0 (beta release)

  • Debugger should start Keyman Desktop if it isn't running (Keyman Developer, I3283)
  • OptionGroups needs to be added to branding XML template (Keyman Developer, I3269)
  • Add Debug_XMLRenderer DebugPath to allow writing temp .xml file (Keyman Engine, I3269)
  • Fix blocking of Ctrl+Shift passthrough (Keyman Engine, I3284)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.348.0 (general release)

  • No changes from 8.0.347.0

Keyman Desktop 8.0.347.0 (beta release)

  • Enter key is not working in Google Chrome (Keyman Engine, I2787)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.346.0 (beta release)

  • Word 2010 sometimes freezes when using a hotkey to activate a keyboard (Keyman Engine, I3250)
  • Developer registration can fail after fix I3184 (Keyman Developer, I3252)
  • (Internal) Wrong hook handle passed to CallNextHookEx (Keyman Engine, I3253)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.345.0 (beta release)

  • Arrow keys sometimes misbehave in Internet Explorer (Keyman Engine, I3242)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.344.0 (beta release)

  • UTF-8 support for named code constants file (Developer - Compiler, I3056)
  • kmcmpdll sometimes tries to write temp files to Program Files (Developer, I3228)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.343.0 (internal beta release)

  • New feature - reload text file with specific encoding support (Developer, I3082)
  • Keyman CRM Server failing to allow upload of keyboards with prmpassword error (Developer, I3225)
  • If file was not found in first search folder, named code constants failed to compile (Developer - Compiler, I3056)
  • Opening a kct file in Keyman Developer caused default files to be re-added (Developer - Branding, I3170)
  • Branding .xsl Test Pages not working correctly with IE 9 (Developer - Branding, I3176)
  • TIKE maintains an open handle to .msi when compiling package installer (Developer - Branding, I2971)
  • KeymanWeb is formatted incorrectly in test window when IE9 is installed (Developer - KeymanWeb, I2912)
  • Update KeymanWeb to build 162 in Keyman Developer (Developer - KeymanWeb, I3224)
  • Handle script errors more cleanly (Configuration, I2992)
  • Keyman Engine appears to not be receiving some WM_SETFOCUS notifications (Engine, I3226)
  • When switching keyboards and typing rapidly, Windows/Keyman keyboard links can get out of sync (Engine, I3227)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.342.0 (beta release)

  • Add support for InsertKeys to usage.htm (On Screen Keyboard, I3214)
  • Double strike characters occur on some computers in some situations (Keyman Engine, I2908)
  • Some systems experience crashes when Keyman applications exit (General, I2975)
  • Rare crash when adding files to a package (Keyman Developer, I3100)
  • Report clearer error when failure to register controller window causes Keyman to fail to start (Keyman Engine, I3183)
  • When an invalid product is detected, a secondary error masks the initial error message (Keyman Engine, I3090)
  • Avoid crash when resizing hint bar and web browser not fully initialised (Text Editor, I3088)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.341.0 (beta release)

  • Script errors no longer automatically crash Keyman (Keyman Configuration, I2992)
  • If key part of VK rule is missing, compiler generates invalid file (Keyman Developer - Compiler, I3137)
  • Crash at shutdown when keyman32.dll unloaded early (Keyman Engine, I3139)
  • Report more useful information when Keyman fails to start (Keyman Engine, I3143)
  • Handle errors importing invalid graphic files in bitmap editor (Keyman Developer - User Interface, I3147)
  • If TSF is not installed then Keyman crashes on startup (Keyman Engine, I3149)
  • Race condition focusing window causes crash in rare cases (Keyman Developer - User Interface, I3166)
  • Unusual crash when ending debug session now handled and additional error info provided (Keyman Developer - Debugger, I3173)
  • Crash when opening a non-existent file in graphic and OSK editors (Keyman Developer - User Interface, I3178)
  • Missing manifest for tike.exe meant that file system was virtualized (Keyman Developer, I3184)
  • Crash parsing invalid locale XML file when language changed or Keyman started (Keyman Engine, I3192)
  • Keyboards fail to switch from macros, when associated with a language (Keyman Engine, I3212)
  • Crash when Keyman menu is visible and Ctrl+Alt+Del or Win+L pressed (Keyman Engine, I3213)
  • Support InsertKeys functionality in Usage Page (Keyman Engine, I3214)
  • Crash when F5 pressed in OSK font helper context (Keyman Engine, I3216)
  • Avoid error loading messages.txt due to optional Sections property (Keyman Engine, I3217)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.340.0 (beta release)

  • Keyboard selection can fail on x64 applications especially if non-standard Windows keyboard is default keyboard (e.g. US-International) (Engine, I3191)
  • Tavultesoft System Info now reports on x64 process details (Engine, I3180)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.339.0 (beta release)

  • Fix for Keyman Engine can crash other apps when multiple OEM products are running with "_tcscpy assertion" (Engine, I3158)
  • Fix for when multiple OEM products installed, hotkeys can activate keyboards for non-running products (Engine, I3159)
  • Fix for hotkeys can fail to activate keyboards when multiple OEM products are running (Engine, I3160)
  • Fix for when multiple OEM products installed, language switcher can show keyboards for non-running products (Engine, I3161)
  • Fix for potential buffer overflow for keyboards with complex contexts (Engine, I3162)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.338.0

  • Further fixes for crash starting Keyman Engine when keyman32.dll is locked by another process (Engine, I3127)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.337.0

  • Fix language switcher now correctly shows the active keyboard in the first language switch (Engine, I3109)
  • Fix for crash starting Keyman Engine when keyman32.dll is locked by another process (Engine, I2995, I3046, I3108)
  • Added flag to control Windows Installer user interface settings for custom product installers (Developer, I3126)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.335.0 (beta release)

  • Fix for buffer size mismatch assertion failure in KMGetContext API call (Engine, I3091)
  • Fix for crash when opening language switch window when only 1 language is detected (Engine, I3087)
  • Keyman Engine restarts more cleanly now when shutdown uncleanly (Engine, I3092)
  • Keyman Engine x64 no longer shows a garbled error message if it cannot start (Engine, I3093)
  • IMX DLLs now support x64 (Engine, I3094)
  • Tavultesoft System Information and diagnostic reports now display Unicode characters and clearer reports (Diagnostics, I2919)
  • When the -x parameter is specified in Setup, Setup will now create the target folder (Setup, I3081)
  • Fix for crash importing On Screen Keyboard XML file in Keyman Developer (Keyman Developer, I3099)
  • When /qn option is used in uninstall, suppress the uninstall feedback form (Setup, I3104)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.332.0 (beta release)

  • Fix WM_UNICHAR regression (Engine, I3054)
  • Default base layout should map to US for non-Latin script keyboards (Engine, I3055)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.331.0 (general release)

  • Fix crash introduced with I3010 (Engine, I3042)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.330.0 (beta release)

  • Tidy up importkeyboard tool for publication, available on (Utilities, I3039)
  • When using OSK editor with a Euro layout, key caps move around unexpectedly (Developer - Keyboard Editor, I3022)
  • Backslash key still shows wide keycap in OSK even on Euro layout with narrower key (On Screen Keyboard, I3021)
  • If the default language is not the first in the TSF list, it can confuse the end user (Language Switcher, I3024)
  • Boxes in the language switch window can be wrong size (Language Switcher, I3023)
  • Hint balloon on Keyman tray icon has hardcoded message (Engine, I3010)
  • Fixed rare crash scenario in Keyman Engine with unexpected load of advapi32.dll (Engine, I3040)
  • Alt+LShift, Esc should cancel language switch window (Engine, I3025)
  • Rare crash when using popup menus in Keyman Configuration (Configuration, I1601)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.329.0 (general release)

  • Named code constants cause a warning 0x208D to appear (Developer - Compiler, I2993)
  • New keyboard options keywords not bold (Developer, I2899)
  • If switch for all apps is off, Keyman icon does not reflect active keyboard when application switched (Engine, I2999)
  • Tweak display of diagnostics using .xslt files (Diagnostics, I3000)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.328.0 (interim OEM release)

  • Disable floating point exceptions to avoid throwing fp errors from mshtml.dll (Compatibility, I2984)
  • Close setup dialog at end of successful install for OEM products (Setup, I2985)
  • Branding Pack locale.xml not editing as UTF-8 (Branding Pack, I2964)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.327.0 (interim OEM release)

  • Keyman installer should not set defaults for OEM products (Setup, I2970)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.326.0 (8.0 Release)

  • Completed help files (Help, I2963)
  • Option statements in Developer editor are not bolded (Developer, I2899)
  • Fix for some computers failing to display translucent windows correctly (Tray Icon, I2953)
  • Fix for failure when Keyman Desktop 7.1 installed over 8.0 (Startup, I2960, I2923)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.324.0 (final release candidate)

  • Duplicated characters in rare circumstances on some computers (Keyman Engine, I2908)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.323.0

  • Crash starting Keyman Desktop when installed languages cannot be enumerated (Keyman Engine, I2870)
  • Crash when clicking a link in a Readme when installing a keyboard package (Configuration, I1672)
  • Cleanup of font sizes for large font displays (User Interface, I2861)
  • Refocus the correct application when selecting a keyboard from the Keyman menu, when the Keyman tray icon is hidden from view (Tray Icon, I2866)
  • Fix crash in language switch window when a language is installed and has no listed keyboards (Language Switch Window, I2867)
  • Fix crash collecting exception data in rare circumstances (Configuration, I2881)
  • Fix crash when moving mouse over the Keyman menu at a specific point in the process (Tray Icon, I2884)
  • Improve diagnostics if crash occurs when installing a keyboard (Configuration, I2890)
  • Fix for older Windows XP machines, where the root certificates may not be up to date, and the install may fail with a 'richedit' or 'DAX' error - see also KMKB0070 (Installer, I2896)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.322.0

  • Fixed Text Services Framework addin install regression on Windows XP (I2864)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.321.0

  • Fixed memory leak in embedded web browser in Configuration and On Screen Keyboard windows (General, I2784)
  • Uninstall feedback shows 7.1 instead of 8.0 (Installer, I2837)
  • Version 8.0 silent upgrade runs keyboard import from version 7.0 and shouldn't (Installer, I2847)
  • Uninstall feedback reports on keyboards that were installed for improved support (Installer, I1729)
  • Fixed occasional crash when importing older keyboards (Installer, I2792)
  • Keyman Configuration no longer adds unused languages when OK clicked (Configuration, I2780)
  • If Keyman Configuration is already running minimized, restore it rather than starting a new instance (Configuration, I2782)
  • App title is now 'Keyman Desktop Configuration' (Configuration, I2786)
  • Fix rare crash reading some packages (Configuration, I2678)
  • Fix rare crash starting Keyman Desktop when upgrading locale doctypes (for major upgrades only) (Configuration, I2765)
  • Corrected 'Activate Online' message in Activation dialog (Configuration, I2769)
  • Added support for enabling and disabling Addins (Configuration, I2807)
  • Diagnostic logging has been consolidated to %appdata%\Tavultesoft\Diag (Configuration, I2824)
  • Fixed Start Menu uninstall to work with Admin-installed keyboards on Windows Vista and Windows 7 (Configuration, I2793)
  • If no keyboard options are available, then the Options link is no longer displayed (Configuration, I2827)
  • When a package is uninstalled, the prompt will also list the fonts that will be uninstalled (Configuration, I2217)
  • The Keyboard Download dialog has been tidied up (Configuration, I2281,I2372,I2718)
  • Fixed an obscure error that could be displayed during package uninstall if a font was locked (Configuration, I2751)
  • List of languages is now sorted by name and layout (Configuration, I2790)
  • Keyman Configuration is now refreshed before and after language configuration tasks (Language Configuration Window, I2789)
  • Fixed crash saving disabled tasks in Language Configuration (Language Configuration Window, I2834)
  • Reworked layout and workflow of Language Configuration to make it clearer (Language Configuration Window, I2771)
  • Fixed sporadic crash if Font Helper closed while searching (Font Helper, I2844,I1698,I2120,I2323,I2565)
  • Fixed display of Buy and Activate links in trial version of Startup screen (Startup, I2838)
  • Improved integration of Activation Server for Keyman Desktop 8.0 (Startup, I2392,I2579)
  • Fixed sticky shift keys on some systems with Text Services Framework addin enabled (TSF Addin, I1713)
  • Fix menu now showing any keyboards in Text Services Framework addin (TSF Addin, I2010)
  • Various internal bug fixes to TSF addin (TSF Addin, I2095,I2096)
  • Fixed Start Menu uninstall to work on Windows 7 x64 (Keyman Engine, I2176)
  • Fixed language switching taking 2 clicks on Windows 7 x64 with x64 apps (Keyman Engine, I2778)
  • Fixed failure to find keyman32.dll when debugging in some situations (Keyman Engine, I2825)
  • Fixed crash in Keyman Engine if if() statement is not first character of rule (Keyman Engine, I2590)
  • Fixed UnregisterControllerWindow crash when Keyman Engine is blocked from communicating (Keyman Engine, I2814)
  • TSF addin is no longer visible in the Language Switch window (Keyman Engine, I2826)
  • Fixed crashes with displaying menu in multiple monitor scenarios (Keyman Engine, I2811,I2693,I2820)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.313.0

  • Keyman Desktop setup fails on a new computer (Installer, I2768)
  • Don't delete diagnostic files until they are successfully sent (Configuration - Diagnostics, I2240)
  • Fix icon for Diagnostics (Configuration - Diagnostics, I2653)
  • External exception handler can cascade exceptions if control has no window handle when collecting debug (Configuration - Diagnostics, I2773)
  • Keyboard installer fails when uninstalling and then upgrading an existing font that is in use (Configuration - Keyboards, I1629,I2751)
  • Show fonts to be uninstalled during package uninstall (Configuration - Keyboards, I2217)
  • Installing a package for all users does not prompt for lang config tasks (Configuration - Keyboards, I2701)
  • Keyboard Options link in Keyman Configuration should be hidden for keyboards without Keyboard Options (Configuration - Keyboards, I2729)
  • When a keyboard supported multiple MS Office languages, only the first would be configured in Language Configuration Tasks (Configuration - Language Configuration Window, I2181,I2188,I2253)
  • Validate version 8.0 references (General, I2467)
  • After activating, Keyman must be restarted for it to work properly (General, I2540,I2539)
  • Uninstall feedback should specify keyboards that were installed and their version number if possible (if this is easy to do) (Installer, I1729)
  • Not all Windows languages are correctly removed on uninstall (Keyman Desktop, I2252)
  • Keyboard debugger was not always working on trial versions of Developer (Keyman32, I2019)
  • After reloading configuration, OSK does not show active keyboard in toolbar (Keyman32, I2398)
  • If too many keyboards are associated with one language, the language switch window can become unusable (Language Switch Window, I2669)
  • Font helper in Text Editor is missing text (Startup, I2578)
  • Prevent Keyman Desktop splash from showing multiple copies (Startup, I2720)
  • Get Started link in Keyman Desktop help window doesn't work (Text Editor, I2687)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.312.0

  • Unicode 6.0 blocks are not displaying in Character Map (Character Map,I2276,I2706)
  • If Javascript is disabled per the 'My Computer' security zone then no web-based UI works correctly (Compatibility,I2721)
  • Font Helper does not display smp characters correctly (Font Helper,I2712)
  • Online update fails to complete in Windows Vista, Windows 7 (Installer,I2125,I2742)
  • Install does not set desired default options (Installer,I2651)
  • Setup restarts Windows without prompting after install finishes (Installer,I2739)
  • Auto Update should close down Keyman before starting the update (Installer,I2740)
  • Start with Windows and Auto Update options do not take effect (Installer,I2753)
  • Adobe Reader X Sandbox incompatibility (Keyman Engine,I2566,I2580,I2660,I2679,I2708,I2730)
  • Lang Config Tasks not always showing details when installing keyboard (Language Configuration Window,I2719)
  • Getting Started link in Help dialog fails to start tutorial (Text Editor,I2702)
  • Font helper seems to return wrong % coverage for some fonts (Font Helper,I2715)
  • Online update does not give feedback when download or install fails (Installer,I1730)
  • Setup.log should be saved to Appdata Diag folder when installing (Installer,I2314,I2755)
  • Online Update shows install dialog instead of running install automatically (Installer,I2738)
  • After auto update and restart the Tutorial starts (Installer,I2741)
  • After upgrading from Keyman 6 or 7, the temporary upgrade registry key is not deleted (Installer,I2747)
  • When login user has limited rights, the (Administrative) installing user ends up with the default settings, rather than the login user (Installer,I2748,I2749)
  • Setup returns an error after reboot during install (Installer,I2750)
  • Auto update is too silent - does not prompt on reboot (Installer,I2754)
  • Keyman Desktop is not starting after update (Installer,I2756)
  • Installer does not wait for kmshell actions to complete before continuing (Installer,I2757)
  • Package version not shown in keyboard details for a multi-keyboard package (Keyman Configuration,I2744)
  • Documentation required in Keyman Developer for setup bootstrapper strings (Keyman Developer,I2735)
  • Keyman debugging checks the registry too frequently (Keyman Engine,I2685)
  • RefreshKeyboards leaks a registry handle (Keyman Engine,I2714)

Keyman Desktop 8.0.306.0

  • Make keyboard switching in IE8, IE9 and Chrome more intuitive (Compatibility,I1455)
  • Improve compatibility with various modern applications with improved keystroke stuffing method (Compatibility,I1512)
  • Improve compatibility with OpenOffice (Compatibility,I1513)
  • Show documentation and Usage page details for keyboards in configuration (Configuration,I1427)
  • Fix order of keyboards in Configuration and menus (Configuration,I1867)
  • Fix order of hotkeys in Keyman Configuration (Configuration,I2302)
  • Fix automatic update of packages that are installed by an administrator (Configuration,I2513)
  • Improve performance saving configuration (Configuration,I2558)
  • Fix display of Language menu in Keyman Configuration and Startup (Configuration,I2612)
  • Universal language switching support (General,I1089)
  • Improve look and feel of Keyman user interface in Remote Desktop (General,I2555)
  • Fix incorrect identification of Windows default language on some systems (General,I2575)
  • Fix bug where language switch dialog immediately disappears when shown (General,I2592)
  • Add support for page navigation and new window in the Keyboard Help screen (Help,I2393)
  • Improve upgrade support in the Keyman Desktop installer (Installer,I1917)
  • Make keyboards install for all users within Keyman Desktop installer (Installer,I2227)
  • Support for upgrading from Desktop 7 to Desktop 8 (Installer,I2548)
  • Keyman installer cached Windows Installer package into wrong folder (Installer,I2561)
  • Simplify the install process (Installer,I2562,I2644,I2645)
  • Fix Desktop 7 upgrade where cached installer file cannot be found (Installer,I2563)
  • Fix startup of Keyman Desktop to ensure it starts as login user not admin (Installer,I2581)
  • Enable display of EULA in Setup (Installer,I2606)
  • Start with Windows was not on by default (Installer,I2607)
  • Start when install completes was not on by default (Tefl,I2608)
  • Keyboard help Print button opened Page Setup, not Print dialog (Installer,I2619)
  • Ensure Keyman Desktop start screen shows in front when started from installer (Installer,I2621,I2643)
  • Keyman Developer crashes when trying to compile a KeymanWeb keyboard (Keyman Developer,I2556)
  • Keyman Developer can crash when closing the debugger (Keyman Developer,I2594)
  • Developer should not prompt to save untitled project on exit (Keyman Developer,I2655)
  • Indicate the current selection in the Language Switch window with a > arrow (Language Switch Window,I2674)
  • OSK save as webpage and print options not working on some systems (On Screen Keyboard,I1861,I2121,I2313,I2329)
  • Fix display of mnemonic layouts on On Screen Keyboard (On Screen Keyboard,I2200)
  • Enable incomplete codepoints in Character Map Goto dialog (On Screen Keyboard,I2322)
  • Tweak display of keys in On Screen Keyboard to prevent clipping of keycaps (On Screen Keyboard,I2576)
  • Ensure Keyman menu pops over the On Screen Keyboard (On Screen Keyboard,I2582)
  • Ensure AltGr simulation is carried over to On Screen Keyboard modifier keys (On Screen Keyboard,I2603)
  • Fix icons in OSK toolbar to match Keyman 8 theme (On Screen Keyboard,I2633)
  • Extra Keyboards dropdown did not work correctly - it did not reliably select the keyboard or return focus to the original app (On Screen Keyboard,I2683)
  • Fix resizing of On Screen Keyboard when it was partially off-screen (On Screen Keyboard,I2688)
  • Improve support for European physical layouts and 102nd key for OSK (On Screen Keyboard,I764)
  • Activation Server needs to support version 8 (Startup,I2579)
  • Text editor in non-Getting Started view includes excess white space (Text Editor,I2275)
  • Text Editor displays Bengali badly (Text Editor,I2632)
  • Bold, Italic and Underline etc in text editor have no keyboard shortcuts (Text Editor,I2684)
  • Locate the Keyman menu better when taskbar is docked at top or right of screen (Tray Icon,I2377)
  • Fix crashes when closing Keyman menu (Tray Icon,I2551,I2554)
  • Fix memory and handle leak in Keyman menu (Tray Icon,I2639)
  • Right+alt not appearing to work correctly with I1512 (Compatibility,I1813)
  • hotkey control is non obvious to many users (Configuration,I1188)
  • CharMap item present in Light in Hotkeys tab list (Configuration,I2342)
  • Verify that surrogate support is fully enabled in Win7 (Configuration,I2559)
  • No installed keyboards hint in keyboard list is chopped (Configuration,I2614)
  • Fix error message being hidden by late raiselastoserror when creating debug manager (Configuration,I2640)
  • System emits a beep when Keyman Configuration closes (Configuration,I2686)
  • Associate .tsi with tsysinfo (Configuration,I2696)
  • Crash starting Keyman Desktop after upgrade when using non-default locale [CrashID:kmshell.exe_8.0.299.0_2C51D8C6_EOleException] (Crashes,I2605)
  • Keyman crashes on exit if the hint window is still open (General,I1989)
  • When user closes keyman, should also close 'start screen' (General,I2066)
  • One keyboard for system is not working when starting new apps (General,I2271)
  • Veritable moshpit of keyboard list needs some German style tidying (General,I2331)
  • Keyboard icons in Language Switch window are not transparent (General,I2593)
  • Activation server did not support custom port (General,I2596)
  • 'Switch' vs. 'Turn' Keyman Desktop Off (General,I2626)
  • CrashID:kmshell.exe_8.0.297.0_2C4F06DE_EOleException (Help,I2567)
  • The initial msi welcome screen is not important when started from bootstrapper (Installer,I1244)
  • Add logging option to setup bootstrapper (Installer,I1610)
  • Uninstall feedback should specify keyboards that were installed and their version number if possible (if this is easy to do) (Installer,I1729)
  • Reset evaluations when installing a new release (Installer,I1878)
  • Error returned in Installer (affects certification) (Installer,I1992)
  • Installer launches KMSHELL.EXE (affects Certification) (Installer,I1993)
  • Install directory is still '7.0' (may affect certification) (Installer,I1996)
  • range check error when checking file existence in Addininst (Installer,I2005)
  • When keyman starts after install, it incorrectly runs in elevated context (Installer,I2361)
  • cached installer file missing for desktop pro .287 on win 7 x64 (Installer,I2465)
  • ProInstalledForLight is no longer relevant (Installer,I2560)
  • Check for updates periodically not on by default (Installer,I2609)
  • Need to show an install success message if 'Start after install' not selected (Installer,I2610)
  • Icon on new KM Desktop setup form is incorrect (Installer,I2611)
  • Vista alt key fix is not included in setup form (Installer,I2615)
  • Links in setup main form are not tabbable (Installer,I2616)
  • Wrong title on application (Installer,I2617)
  • Progress bar does not update in setup (Installer,I2618)
  • Read License link is a couple of pixels higher than the checkbox label (Installer,I2620)
  • Installer cannot upgrade v7 keyboards because the registry entries are deleted by the uninstall before the upgrade tries (Installer,I2622)
  • Installer uninstalls KM7 keyboards before upgrade can happen... (Installer,I2642)
  • Cannot access options or license with the keyboard in bootstrapper (Installer,I2647)
  • Could not upgrade from to 8.0.x.0 (Installer,I2648)
  • Upgrading from version 8 should not use the same folders as upgrading from version 7 (Installer,I2649)
  • Some files missing from desktop UI (Installer,I2650)
  • Keyboard Welcome Page Problem (Keyman Desktop,I1856)
  • CrashID:tike.exe_8.0.294.0_007181B4_EAccessViolation (Keyman Developer,I2550)
  • Upgrade to new TEmbeddedWB causes crash on TfrmProject close (Keyman Developer,I2570)
  • Remove GnuGetText from project as we are not using it and it crashes (Keyman Developer,I2595)
  • ShouldDebug causes lots of registry chatter (Keyman Engine,I2685)
  • Simulate Ralt with Ctrl+Alt is incorrect with OSK (Keyman32,I2158)
  • Switching keyboards and languages is not reliable in .296 (Keyman32,I2557)
  • Keyboard Welcome currently in Keyman.exe should be moved to KMShell (Keyman32,I2569)
  • Language and keyboard switch issues (Keyman32,I2572)
  • Issue in manifest for keyman64.dll (Keyman32,I2638)
  • Add foreground window info for debugging (Keyman32,I2690)
  • Debug logging has a couple of handle leaks on exit (Keyman32,I2691)
  • Language switch window shows old selection first before refreshing when it pops up (Language Switch Window,I2677)
  • K menu OSK links not opening correct tool (On Screen Keyboard,I2287)
  • Keyboard selection from a long list on Keyman Toolbox (On Screen Keyboard,I2636)
  • CharMap Font Rending Errors Beyond BMP (On Screen Keyboard,I2663)
  • Ensure OSK is destroyed before Keyman closes to prevent errors (On Screen Keyboard,I2692)
  • Download Locale needs to change to download all locales and refresh the list (Startup,I1986)
  • Start Text Editor should not start in 'Tutorial' mode (Startup,I2260)
  • Welcome page Print button goes to Page Setup, not Print (Startup,I2641)
  • Text Editor has wrong caption when in Text Editor mode (Text Editor,I2631)
  • Check Fonts Thread could have race condition on terminate (Text Editor,I2697)
  • Shortcut keys needed for font styling in text editor (Text Editor,I2698)
  • Rework Keyman menu styling as per Paul's design (Tray Icon,I2542)
  • No installed keyboards hint in menu is chopped (Tray Icon,I2613)

Keyman Desktop

  • Language Switch Window (I2522, I2543, I2544, I2547)
  • Activation Client integration (I2521)
  • New styling for menu, configuration, etc (I2542)
  • Upgrading from Desktop 7 to 8 (I2548)
  • Revamped engine for greater compatibility
  • Font helper provides more detail in Pro
  • Unicode 6.0 support
  • TrialPay support
  • Integrated purchase wizard
  • Universal language switching
  • Simplified startup
  • Ensure tutorial only interacts with Keyman Engine when visible and focused (I2482)
  • Developer - integate KeymanWeb Pack into core product (I2468)
  • Developer - support for registry settings in product definitions (I2002)
  • Developer - fix Ctrl+Shift+U behaviour (I2520)

Keyman Desktop (8.0 pre-beta)

  • Improve font helper accuracy and return full compatibility information (I2421)
  • Improve stability (I2444, I2445, I2443, I2435, I2441, I2437, I2439, I2446, I2422, I2448)
  • Fix for non-initial if() statements in keyboard options in compiler (I2432)
  • Fix U+0020 not being added to context when default processing applies (I2436)
  • On screen keyboard showed a blank pane when automatically displayed (I2447)

Keyman Desktop (8.0 pre-beta)

  • Configurable keyboards (I1632) - add a dialog box to allow users to tweak settings in your keyboards. No longer any need for separate keyboards to support minor differences in feature sets for your keyboard layouts.
  • Activation Client integration (I2392)
  • New keystroke processor more compatible with major applications (I2424)
  • Improved Keyman menu (not yet complete) (I2226)
  • UI language switch more accessible (I1694)
  • Debug engine more reliable and supports Pause hotkey for instant capture (I2310, I2357, I2423, I2348, I2349, I2350, I2352, I2353)
  • Back, Forward and new window functions in Keyboard Help (I2393)
  • Stability (I2374, I2297, I2351, I2354, I2355, I2356)
  • Office, font and browser information in diagnostics; avoid making diagnostic reports too large (I2240)
  • KeymanWeb compiler could generate call() functions out of sync (I2308)
  • Character Map supports plane 1 properly (I2311)

Keyman Desktop (8.0 pre-beta)

  • x64 support: Keyman Desktop now supports x64 applications.
  • Select keyboard for all applications: an option to let you choose a keyboard layout that is applied to all running applications.
  • On Screen Keyboard mnemonic layout support: On Screen Keyboard now supports mnemonic layouts on European keyboards
  • Unicode 5.2 support: full support for Unicode 5.2
  • Addins - RichEdit addin fails to check version of riched20.dll correctly (I2165)
  • Character Map - Character Map needs Unicode 5.2 (I2211)
  • Character Map - Character Map Goto needs to support simpler searches (I891)
  • Character Map - Character Map filter should handle numeric ranges better (I2210)
  • COM API - Resolve crashes due to incorrect reference counting in COM API (I2230)
  • Font Helper - Font helper lists bold or italic instead of plain version (I2261)
  • Font Helper - Font helper shows incorrect names for some fonts (I2267)
  • Font Helper - Font helper sometimes names fonts incorrectly (I2164)
  • Help - Include an email address in help topic reponses (I2214)
  • Keyman Configuration - Pressing ENTER in r-click menu closes Configuration (I828)
  • Keyman Configuration - Hotkeys - hotkey control is non obvious to many users (I1188)
  • Keyman Configuration - Keyboards - Expanding and collapsing a keyboard causes the [+] button to go funny (I1908)
  • Keyman Configuration - Keyboards - Only first font is listed in Package Installer (I2167)
  • Keyman Configuration - Keyboards - Reinstalling a package in desktop light does not reset keyboard count (I2169)
  • Keyman Configuration - Keyboards - Upgrading a keyboard or package can crash or cause corruption (I2215)
  • Keyman Configuration - Keyboards - Show fonts installed in package details (I2216)
  • Keyman Configuration - Keyboards - Show fonts to be uninstalled during package uninstall (I2217)
  • Keyman Configuration - Keyboards - Fonts list in Install Package shows only the first font (I1528)
  • Keyman Configuration - Keyboards - Install/uninstall OSK menu item should be removed (I2282)
  • Keyman Configuration - Keyboards - Install for all users should not show the install dialog twice (I2259)
  • Keyman Configuration - Languages - Keyboard drop down in Win7 x64 in languages tab has trouble with focus (I2256)
  • Keyman Engine - Keyboard switching in IE8 is confusing (I1455)
  • Keyman Engine - x64 support (I934)
  • Keyman Engine - Keyman sometimes fails to switch keyboards correctly when keyboard is not associated with a language and switch language with keyboard option is on (I2265)
  • Keyman Engine - Keyman menu should include text editor, keyboard usage, font helper and character map links (I2226)
  • On Screen Keyboard - On Screen Keyboard doesn't change immediately when changing Windows keyboard (I1827)
  • On Screen Keyboard - On Screen Keyboard doesn't fade correctly (I1862)
  • On Screen Keyboard - Mnemonic layouts and On Screen Keyboard conflict (I2200)
  • On Screen Keyboard - On Screen Keyboard should rearrange to physical layout regardless of 102nd key support (I764)
  • On Screen Keyboard - Resizing on screen keyboard shows a lot of flicker (I2262)
  • On Screen Keyboard - Refresh look of On Screen Keyboard for Keyman 8 (I2284)
  • On Screen Keyboard - Needless toolbar buffer region when taskbar not at bottom of screen (I1720)
  • On Screen Keyboard - Cannot move On Screen Keyboard to secondary monitor (I2072)
  • Polish - Click sound on web browser controls in Keyman is annoying (I2268)
  • Polish - Holding shift and clicking font link opens new IE window in Getting Started (I2199)
  • Tray Icon - Hotkeys leave keyboard in incorrect shift state when OSK usage is open (I2177)
  • Tray Icon - Split Keyman menu into 2 columns for many keyboards (I2228)
  • Keyman Developer KeymanWeb Pack - Multiple fixes to compiler and build 153 of KeymanWeb

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