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Keyman Configuration - Support Tab

The Support tab of Keyman Configuration displays Keyman Desktop version information, registration status, proxy settings and support tools. You can use the Support tab to run a support diagnostic, check Windows language settings, check for updates, configure proxy settings and view Keyman Desktop version information and registration status.

Opening the Support Tab

To open the Support tab of Keyman Configuration:

  1. Click on the Keyman Desktop icon , on the Windows Taskbar near the clock.

  2. From the Keyman Desktop menu, select Configuration….

  3. Select the Support tab.


    Keyman Configuration opens in the same tab you last closed it in.

Sending a Diagnostic

You can send a support diagnostic to Tavultesoft from the Support tab of Keyman Configuration. You may need to send a support diagnostic if you are having a technical difficulty with Keyman Desktop. The support diagnostic will collect critical diagnostic information from your computer and generate a report.

To send a support diagnostic:

  1. Click Diagnostic in the Support tab of Keyman Configuration.

  2. Select 'Diagnostic…'.

  3. Wait while your diagnostic data is collected.

  4. Click Send Report to Tavultesoft….

  5. Fill in your details, including details about the problem and any error messages you received.

  6. Click Send.

  7. When we receive your support diagnostic, we will review it and reply promptly, working with you to help you find a solution to your issue.

Checking Windows Language Settings

You can run a test to see if your Windows language settings are correct for your currently installed Keyman keyboards. To run a test:

  1. Click Diagnostic in the Support tab of Keyman Configuration.

  2. Select 'Check Windows Language Settings'.

  3. You will then see one of two possible screens:

    • If all settings are correct, click OK.

    • Otherwise, you will be presented with the Language Configuration Tasks menu. You have three options:

      • Click Apply to apply the suggested configuration tasks.

      • Click Remind me Later to make the decision the next time you restart Keyman Desktop.

      • Tick 'Don't ask me about this again' and click OK to reject the suggested configuration tasks.

Checking for Updates

To check for Keyman Desktop updates, from the Support tab of Keyman Configuration click the 'Check for Updates…' link. You can also download and install Keyman Desktop again from the Tavultesoft website.

Changing Proxy Settings

The Proxy Settings… button allows authorised users to alter proxy server configuration. For more information, see: Proxy Configuration

About Version and Activation Information

You can view version details and registration status from the Support tab of Keyman Configuration. In the Support tab you will see:

  • Version Detals
    • Edition — Details on your current edition of Keyman Desktop.


      If you are running Keyman Desktop Light, you will see an Upgrade to Professional… button at the bottom left of the Keyman Configuration menu. If you are running Keyman Desktop Professional you will not see any buttons at the bottom left of Keyman Configuration.

    • Version — The current Keyman Desktop version number

    • Engine Version — The version number of the Keyman Engine

  • Registration Status
    • Activated — Displays 'Yes' if Keyman Desktop is activated and 'No' if not.

    • Days Used — Shows how many days remain in a free 30-day trial of Keyman Desktop. This field is blank once you activate Keyman Desktop.

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