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Returns the collection items as XML. The actual XML returned will depend on the type of those items. The XML string that is returned does not contain a prolog or DTD, making it easy to concatenate to other XML strings; the format is UTF-16. If ksfExportImages is specified in Flags, then any images related to the XML (for instance, keyboard icons) will be exported to the folder specified in ImagePath, and the names of all the files exported will be added to the array referenced by References. It is the responsibility of the caller to delete all the files in the References array after finishing using them.

Sub SerializeXML(XML As String, Flags As tagKeymanSerializeFlags, ImagePath As String, References)
1XMLStringthe XML snippet returned
2FlagstagKeymanSerializeFlagsCan be 0 or ksfExportImages
3ImagePathStringPath to export image files to. If ksfExportImages is not specified, then ImagePath is ignored
4ReferencesVariantReturns an array of image filenames, relative to ImagePage. If ksfExportImages is not specified, then References is ignored
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