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Release History

Version: 1.0

Issue #DescriptionSeverity
Build 112
I1204Styles fail to apply correctly when KeymanWeb active in rich text editor5
I1295KeymanWeb fails to attach to some IFRAMEs8
I1296Add flag ShowInterfaceRight property to show KeymanWeb UI to right of control5
I1297Add FocusLastActiveElement and GetLastActiveElement functions5
I1298Add onfocuscontrol and onblurcontrol events5
I1299Add UK underlying keyboard layout5
I1300Add support for language names for KMW keyboards5
Build 111
I1206KeymanWeb inserts nbsp after first character when replacing selection in rich text editor5
Build 110
I1207KeymanWeb cursor jumps to start of control when selecting controls7
Build 109
I1223KeymanWeb keyboard disappears on first click9
I1224OSK displays wrongly in IE68
I1226handle issues when keymanweb loading on ethiopic.keymankeyboards.com9
I845EuroLatin keyboard not updating context for diacritics using OSK6
Build 106
I948KeymanWeb OSK can go off the edge of the screen for EuroLatin3
I950Dragging OSK does not work for EuroLatin in IE6
I951Resizing OSK does not work in IE at all8
I952Enter/exit control and OSK does not redisplay if pinned8
I953Icons in toolbar of KMW OSK should move down 1px1
I954Ensure that onshowhelp is called when entering a control and OSK is pinned5
Build 103
I946JavaScript error when loading EuroLatin7
I947Clicking on OSK boxes in EuroLatin is not reliable7
Build 100
I782OSK click gives VK code not character8
Build 91
I774Ctrl+Shift+Alt on OSK does not display3
I776OSK should be draggable5
Build 84
I736KMW can delete characters when mixing unmatched typing and clicking on OSK7
Build 83
I695OSK in FF 2.0 can give incorrect output in some situations9
I696Can select characters in OSK in IE - needs UNSELECTABLE tag6
I697OSK has a 2 pixel square displayed at top left3
I700OSK cursor is not always arrow, making it harder to use2
Build 82
Fixed XSS access denied with IFRAMEs that do not belong to the site where KMW is instantiated.
Fixed bug with on screen keyboard where shift keys could reset cursor position on IE.
Fixed bug where CKeymanWeb was renamed to "f" introduced in build 81 (potential name conflict)
Build 81
Add AttachToControl function
Build 74
Fixed a bug with deadkeys and the visual keyboard with some keyboard layouts (reported by Lee Pearce)
Build 73
Fixed some of the punctuation keys on the on-screen visual keyboard which were not generating the correct output.
Build 68
First public release