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Step 4: Filling in package details

Click on the Details tab in the Package Editor. You should fill in as many details as you can on this page.

  • Package Name

    The Package Name will be displayed in the package install dialog, and within Keyman Desktop Configuration, wherever the package is referred to.

  • Readme File

    Select the readme file from the list of files you added in the previous step. Remember that it should be a HTML file for optimum clarity.

  • Version

    A version number for the package is important - it helps the your users know that they are using the most recent update of your package. A suggested version format you could use is '1.0'. When making a major change to your package or keyboards in your package, increment the first part and set the second part to, e.g. '2.0'; when making a bug fix or a minor update, increment the second part, e.g. '1.1'.

  • Copyright

    Enter copyright details for your package and keyboards. Keep this reasonably short or it won't be clear for end users.

  • Author

    Enter your name or the name of your company.

  • Email

    Enter a contact email address where package users can contact you. If you don't want to be contacted via email, leave this field empty

  • Website

    Enter the name of the website where you will have information about this keyboard. If you want to host it on, you could enter

  • Image file (Professional Edition only)

    Select the splash image file that you created in Step 2 from the list of files in your package.

Step 5: Shortcuts