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Step 1: The Status Page

The Status Page of the CRM tells you how many licences you have available, as well as some basic statistics about your products. From the Status page, you can also access a Manual Activation tool to activate a customer licence.

The very first time you access the status page, it will be empty - as no information has been collected from the Tavultesoft servers about your product status and available licences.

Click the Update Now button to load your products and basic data into the database. You need to be connected to the Internet to complete this task. If you have never entered your login details, you will be prompted to do so. Use the email address and password that you used when you purchased the Branding Pack:

After the update has completed (it may take a few seconds the first time), the Status page will look more like this:


If the number of Pre-Purchased seats is low, you can buy more seats instantly with your credit card or many other purchase methods by clicking the Buy More... button.

You are ready now to continue to the next step - creating a customer record.

Step 2: Creating a Customer Record