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includecodes system store

includecodes system store

&includecodes allows you to reference an external file for named character constants. Keyman Developer includes <file>unicodedata.txt</file>, which lists all the named Unicode characters - in version 7.0, it includes all the Unicode 5.0 characters.

The file format is based on unicodedata.txt. Fields are delimited by semicolon (;) and only the first two fields are used by Keyman Developer.

####;CONSTANT_NAME;additional data
  • #### should be a 4-6 digit Unicode character value, e.g. 0061, for 'a'

    CONSTANT_NAME is a case insensitive name. Characters allowed are A-Z, 0-9, space and _. Note that space will be converted to underscore (_) by Keyman Developer when the file is imported.

    additional data is ignored by Keyman Developer.

store(CCedilla) U+00E7
+ [RALT K_C] > $CCedilla

The &includecodes statement was introduced in Keyman 5.0.