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ITavultesoftKeyman Interface

interface ITavultesoftKeyman : IKeymanObject : IDispatch

The root interface for all access to the Keyman Engine COM API.

Interface Methods
ObjectByIndexMethodFunction ObjectByIndex(Index As Long) As Object
RefreshMethodSub Refresh
Interface Properties
AddinsProperty GetProperty Get Addins As IKeymanAddinsInstalled
BackgroundRefreshProperty Get/LetProperty Get/Let BackgroundRefresh As Boolean
ControlProperty GetProperty Get Control As IKeymanControl
ErrorsProperty GetProperty Get Errors As IKeymanErrors
KeyboardsProperty GetProperty Get Keyboards As IKeymanKeyboardsInstalled
LanguagesProperty GetProperty Get Languages As IKeymanLanguages
OptionsProperty GetProperty Get Options As IKeymanOptions
PackagesProperty GetProperty Get Packages As IKeymanPackagesInstalled
ProductsProperty GetProperty Get Products As IKeymanProducts
SystemInfoProperty GetProperty Get SystemInfo As IKeymanSystemInfo