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Compile Targets (Keyman, KeymanWeb, and SILKey)

Keyman supports a prefix at the start of the line to identify lines that should only be compiled for a specific target. If the prefix is omitted, then the line will be compiled for all targets. The supported targets in version 7.1 are Keyman (Keyman Engine), KeymanWeb and SILKey (Macintosh clone of Keyman). All other targets will be ignored, to permit compatibility with future targets.

Line PrefixTargetComments
$keyman: Keyman Engine and KeymanWeb For legacy reasons, $keyman targets both Keyman Engine and KeymanWeb. See the $keymanonly target to include rules specific for Keyman Engine
$keymanweb: KeymanWeb
$keymanonly: Keyman Engine
$weaver: SILKey Lines with this prefix are ignored by the compiler and are used only by SILKey for Macintosh OS 9

Version 7.1. Add support for $keymanweb and $keymanonly targets

Version 3.2. Add support for $keyman and $weaver targets