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Keywords by Type

Header keywords

Header keywords are being replaced by system stores. However, all these header keywords will continue to be available in future versions of Keyman. New features will only be accessible through system stores.

bitmap Bitmap store and BITMAP statement An image that appears in the language menu
bitmaps Bitmap store and BITMAP statement Obsolete (was reference to two images, for Keyman 3.2 keyboards)
caps Caps Lock stores and statements Manages CAPS LOCK behaviour
copyright Copyright store and COPYRIGHT statement A copyright message for the keyboard
&ethnologuecode EthnologueCode system store The SIL Ethnologue code for the language
hotkey Hotkey store and HOTKEY statement A default activation hotkey
language LANGUAGE statement Specifies the system language to install
layout LAYOUT statement Obsolete (was the Windows system layout for the keyboard)
message Message store and MESSAGE statement A message that appears when the keyboard is installed
&mnemoniclayout mnemoniclayout system store Sets a keyboard to be mnemonic or positional
name Name store and NAME statement The name of the keyboard
version Version store and VERSION statement The Keyman keyboard version

Rule keywords

any any statement Matches on an array of characters
beep beep statement Generates a beep on the speaker
call call statement Calls an Input Method Extension DLL
context context statement Outputs the context part of a rule
deadkey deadkey statement Matches and generates deadkeys
index index statement Outputs from an array of characters
notany notany statement Matches anything not in a particular array of characters
nul nul statement Forces no output on a rule
outs outs statement Outputs an array of characters
return return statement Stops processing of the current keystroke
use use statement Starts processing in another group

Structural keywords

begin begin statement Defines the starting group for the keyboard layout
group group statement Starts a new group of rules
match match rule A system rule that is fired when another rule is matched
nomatch nomatch rule A system rule that is fired when no rule is matched
store store statement Defines an array of characters