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keyman_options.xsl: Keyman Desktop Configuration window - Options tab

This tab shows the options for the active product.

XML Parameters

The options are available in two nodes: KeymanOptions and KeymanDesktopOptions. The KeymanOptions node lists options that pertain to the Keyman Engine, whereas the KeymanDesktopOptions node lists options that pertain only to the Keyman Desktop-based product. Each option is a subnode of one of the two nodes above:

  <name>(locale string identifier for option)</name>
  [<value />]
  <group>(locale string identifier for option group)</group>
  [<enabled />]


Target Parameters Description
keyman:options_clickcheck index: Index of the option Toggles the option identified by index
keyman:select_uilanguage Opens the Select Language dialog box; if OK is clicked, reloads the language for the entire user interface.